CNN HQ burst into flames after scandal was discovered involving prominent reporter

cnn headquarters

The Leftist media outlet has had trouble with poor ratings the past few years. But now they have a bigger problem on their hands.

And CNN HQ burst into flames after a scandal was discovered that involves this prominent reporter.

There’s no doubt that CNN has a bias against Republicans and Donald Trump.

The former president is all they talk about, and when they talk about him they’re certainly not singing his praises.

But this bias was made extremely visible after a CNN reporter took to X to promote merchandise from the Biden campaign.

“…and the Biden campaign leans into the debate and trial Trump trolling, with a new ‘Free on Wednesdays’ T-shirt for sale in its online shop,” Edward-Isaac Dovere, a reporter for CNN, posted on X on Wednesday.

The reporter also included a link in his post.

Dovere was referencing a video President Joe Biden put out this week which challenged Donald Trump to a debate. In the video, Biden tells Trump to “make my day” and that he heard he’s “free on Wednesdays,” which is a reference to Trump’s hush money trial that takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of every week until the trial’s end.

“Oh, nothing. Just a CNN reporter linking to and promoting a campaign’s merch shop,” conservative commentator Stephen L. Miller said in response to Dovere’s post.

“Nothing see here, just a CNN reporter promoting Biden merchandise. And remember, Trump only ‘attacks’ and ‘insults’ while Biden ‘leans’ and ‘trolls,'” said Fox News contributor Joe Concha on X.

Concha brings up an excellent point about the double standard that the Left has. If Trump were to have taken a jab at Biden for a trial he was involved in, then Democrats everywhere would have collectively lost their minds.

But since Biden said it, it’s apparently fair game.

“Guy who said he’s the opposition to authoritarianism is bragging about putting his political opponent through a clearly politically motivated trial,” Amy Curtis, a conservative pundit, said on X.

Imagine if a Fox News reporter had promoted Donald Trump merchandise? There would most likely be petition after petition from the Left to get that person fired from their job.

But as we’ve all seen over the years, Democrats have a “rules for thee but not for me” mindset, and its destroying this great nation.

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