Democrat DA’s shocking decision blindsides Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Former President Trump has his hands full with legal cases and campaigning. He definitely wasn’t prepared to receive this news.

And this Democrat DA’s shocking decision blindsided Donald Trump.

Something you see very often is a politician or political activist be brought up on charges only to have them wildly reduced later on.

Corrupt governments since time immemorial have used this to punish their enemies and let their friends off free.

And now, Democrats are letting a violent criminal who murdered a Trump supporter off with a slap on the wrist.

Shannon Brandt, 42, is said to have pleaded guilty to manslaughter after mowing over Cayler Ellingson with his car on September 18, 2022.

Despite being charged with a Class AA felony murder, he just entered a plea agreement with Foster County State’s Attorney Kara E Brinster, with the permission of Southeast Judicial District Judge Bradley Cruff, according to News Dakota.

Brinster noted that the sole charge dropped was leaving the scene of the crime, but Brandt faces up to ten years in jail for the heinous crime.

Brinster reported that the court had ordered a pre-sentence investigation, and Brandt was ordered to remain on bond “pending sentencing at a later date.”

Brandt has also been placed under home arrest while awaiting formal punishment.

While Brandt was initially charged with murder, the DA reduced the charge to manslaughter. It is unclear why those charges were reduced.

According to the investigation, Brandt, who had been drinking, had a verbal altercation with Ellingson prior to the event.

Ellingson had been at a street dance and had contacted his mother when Brandt approached him, expressing his anxiety.

The fight erupted when Brandt crashed his 2003 Ford Explorer into Ellingson, knocking him down. He then drove over Ellingson’s “torso and legs thereby causing the death” of the teenager.

Brandt then fled the crime scene, returning shortly afterwards to phone 911.

Brandt’s lawyer, Mark Friese, previously stated, “There is no evidence to support the misplaced allegation of intentional homicide.”

“The state and defense forensic experts have provided comprehensive reports confirming this tragedy was an accident. Misplaced media hype and community conjecture is no substitute for evidence.”

The development has caused outrage on social media, with Reed Cooper’s tweet: “BREAKING: Leftist ND DA Kara Brinster has dropped the murder charge against the demon who ran over Cayler Ellingson! In Sept., 18-year-old Cayler was murdered by being hit by an SUV driven by a drunk 41-year-old anti-Trump demon after a ‘political argument’ because the demon dubbed Ellingson a ‘political extremist.’ Rest In Peace, Cayler.

Under Cooper’s tweet, he posted a photo of a statement that former President Donald Trump made about the situation, which said: “A young man. So handsome. Beautiful. 18-years-old. Was targeted and killed, run down in cold blood with an SUV by a radical left maniac. Suppose a MAGA person ran somebody down on the other side.”

Ellingson was a conservative kid, not a member of a “Republican extremist” group, as Brandt had initially alleged.

But facts don’t matter when the justice system is run by Democrat activists.

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