Democrat governor signs destructive new bill into law that has Americans furious

Gov. Jay Inslee

The radical Left is trying to tear this country apart. They won’t stop until they achieve that goal.

And a Democrat governor signs a destructive new bill into law that has Americans furious.

The issue of illegal immigration has been a key topic in this year’s election cycle.

Republicans feel as though President Joe Biden and his administration have done a terrible job at securing the United States’ southern border with Mexico, which has allowed a mass influx of illegal aliens to enter the country.

But instead of fixing the solution, Biden and his fellow Democrats only seem to make things worse.

The most recent example of this is Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) who signed a bill into law that would allow illegal aliens to acquire commercial licenses for various jobs that usually require an individual to be a United States citizen.

According to Washington State Standard, House Bill 1889 allows these illegal migrants to use an individual tax identification number instead of a social security number to obtain these licenses.

“This bill will open doors for careers in teaching, healthcare, accounting, and many other professions to those who are ready to join the Washington workforce,” Inslee said about the new piece of legislation he signed.

According to the Center Square, Democrat state Rep. Amy Walen announced that the bill would let everyone “participate in our economy.” Walen originally sponsored the bill.

A Republican legislator in the state is worried that illegal immigrants will feel like they can get whatever job they’d like because of the wording in the bill.

Inslee explained that these migrants will still have to hit other requirements in order to be hired, but because of the new legislation, they’ll have more chances at getting a job.

Teachers, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, and architects are among some of the jobs an illegal alien could get through a commercial license as a result of this bill.

Pew Research Center indicates that in 2021, 3.9% (a percentage that’s steadily grown) of Washington’s population was made up of illegal immigrants.

And that population will likely grow thanks to this new law that Inslee has signed.

Sure, a migrant can’t just walk into any place of business that they choose and easily secure a job in the state of Washington.

But thanks to Democrats and Gov. Inslee, it’s now a whole lot easier for them to.

This is just another example of American citizens being put on the back burner for non-citizens.

Eventually, the dam will break, however, and Americans will have had enough of Democrats not prioritizing them.

And once that happens it could be very bad news for the Left and President Joe Biden.

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