George Soros flatlined after this shocking attack from a Republican


Billionaire George Soros spent decades trying to reshape America into a Leftist wonderland. His socialist crusade has made him more enemies than you can count.

And George Soros flatlined after this shocking attack from a Republican.

George Soros has been bankrolling Democrats and their campaigns for years.

But it hasn’t only been major races for Congressional seats that he has been influencing with his deep pockets.

He has financed different media outlets to push his radical agenda and funded local District Attorneys to influence how the law is applied at even the local level.

But Republicans are finally starting to fight back against Soros’ political maneuvering.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is spearheading an effort to increase Republican participation in district attorney contests to halt the growth of leftist criminal justice reform at the local level.

Conservatives are catching up on what was formerly an under-the-radar drive to elect liberal prosecutors, which resulted in progressive district attorneys from San Francisco to Philadelphia.

“You have a lot of these left-wing special interest groups that will come in and they’ve learned a very smart tactic,” Miyares told the Washington Examiner in an interview this week. “They’ve realized, ‘I don’t have to win a governor’s mansion. I don’t have to change control of my state Senate or my state assembly. I’ve just got to go into certain areas, I’ve got to elect very left-wing social justice warriors as these prosecutors.’”

Miyares says that liberal groups can spend as little as $100,000 on district attorney races and have a “huge impact” on the direction of law enforcement in a jurisdiction.

This has resulted in a rise in crime in some areas.

Miyares is the chair of the Protecting Americans Action Fund, a political organization that aims to fix a long-standing imbalance in prosecutor campaigns.

Since at least 2016, liberal billionaire George Soros has thrown millions of dollars into dozens of district attorney campaigns. According to a Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund investigation, Soros-backed political action committees spent $40 million to elect 75 progressive prosecutors.

Some of those prosecutors have now made highly controversial decisions.

In Portland, Oregon, for example, the Soros-backed district attorney opted to drop most investigations involving rioters who devastated areas of the city a few months earlier shortly after assuming office in 2020.

Other progressive DAs have discontinued prosecuting entire categories of crimes or sought considerably lesser sanctions for more serious offenses than their predecessors.

According to Miyares, his staff “realized… that there was a vacuum.”

“We realized there was not another organization dedicated to electing these kind of commonsense prosecutors,” he said.

In 2022, the Protecting Americans Action Fund and its nonprofit partner, the Protecting Americans Fund, raised $4 million towards prosecutor campaigns. According to the organization, it invested in more than 12 tough elections and turned five district attorney offices from liberal to conservative.

Republicans, on the other hand, have a long way to go before they can have a greater impact on a crucial number of district attorney offices. In the midterm elections, Republican candidates focused more extensively on crime, often using district attorneys’ far-left beliefs as a contrast.

In New York, former Rep. Lee Zeldin ran a successful gubernatorial campaign against Democratic Gov. Kathy Kochul, attacking her on her ties to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whom critics have accused of exacerbating crime in the city.

Some state governors have the authority to fire prosecutors who refuse to follow particular laws.

In Florida, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis fired a Tampa-area district attorney for making statements about not prosecuting abortion-related charges. That prosecutor filed an appeal against his dismissal.

Governors in other states, like Virginia, have minimal recourse to challenge the decisions of liberal district attorneys.

Instead of repeating numbers, Miyares believes Republicans should learn to talk about the emotional impact that crime can cause.

“I think it is so important to talk about … the victims in it,” he said. “I think sometimes, candidly, Republican candidates can sound like accountants, and they don’t talk about the real impact these types of cases can have on individuals.”

“Don’t talk about the rise in larceny,” Miyares added. “Talk about the small business owner who can’t meet payroll because 10% to 15% of what’s on their shelf is being stolen from them.”

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