House impeachment inquiry uncovers this one scary fact about Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden

The Bidens have been playing the political game for years. But it goes deeper than you think.

And the House impeachment inquiry uncovers this one scary fact about Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden praised his lawyer and so-called “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, on Tuesday for lending him money to help him deal with his significant legal problems.

Morris has suddenly surfaced as a key figure in the House impeachment investigation of the Biden family:

  • Morris controls his client’s ten percent stake in a Chinese state-backed fund, BHR Partners, Just the News reported in October, confirming Breitbart News’ exclusive report in April.
  • Morris paid Hunter’s IRS debts and reportedly let him a total of 4.9 million for housing, car payments, and legal fees.

“I don’t know where I would be if not for Kevin,” Hunter Biden the told Los Angeles Times.

“And I don’t mean just because he has loaned me money to survive this onslaught, I mean because he has given me back my dignity. He’s been a brother to me.”

According to the Times, the money Morris loaned Hunter will apparently bear interest beginning next year.

It is unknown how Hunter is paying his alleged $10 million in legal bills, or how Morris controls the share in BHR Partners, a corporation with billions of dollars invested globally.

“What was in it for Kevin?” Hunter posed a rhetorical question to the Times.

“I think that you don’t truly understand or know Kevin if that’s your question.”

Morris has yet to appear before the House impeachment committee as required.

“We are committed to seeking testimony from witnesses who can speak to Biden family financial transactions, including Kevin Morris, who paid off a portion of Hunter Biden’s federal tax debts,” House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said in November.

“He’s a fighter, he’s fearless,” Hunter claimed, referring to Morris’ supposed unwavering devotion to him.

“But it’s with the knowledge that no matter what, that I know that if I need him and most likely before I even know that I need him, he will be there and likewise me with him.”

House investigators revealed in November 2022 that they will look into the Biden family. They later discovered that Joe Biden received money from his brothers, James and Hunter Biden.

They also revealed that nine more Biden family members, including two of Joe Biden’s grandsons, got cash from the family’s international business interests.

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