Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to bury this assault lawsuit

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Everything is up for grabs in the next election. Both parties are desperate to win next November.

That’s why Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to bury this stunning assault lawsuit.

After more than two years, one of the two documented sexual abuse victims in the Loudoun County school district in Virginia is still pursuing monetary compensation for the assault she suffered at the hands of a “skirt-wearing” male student in the girls’ restroom.

On Wednesday, an unidentified high school student filed a Title IX lawsuit against the school district. The suit, filed on her behalf by her parents, claims that Loudoun County Public Schools attempted to cover up the incident that occurred in May 2021 and did not offer adequate assistance or safety for the student.

Thereafter, she was “physically assaulted, threatened, and bullied by peers to the extent that it deprived her of access to a safe educational environment,” as stated in the lawsuit.

The court document also claims the school board broke Title IX, the federal law that forbids discrimination based on gender, by failing “to respond promptly and adequately to reports” of the occurrence. If a school is found to be in violation of Title IX, it will lose access to federal funding.

Scott Smith, the father of the nameless plaintiff, stated, “It’s been a very long two and a half years for my family to get here.” To safeguard children and hold school systems accountable, “we have put together a very strong Title IX lawsuit,” the attorney said.

Since then, the media have taken notice of Loudoun County because of how it handled the inquiry and the victims. The same offender abused another female student in October 2021, but at another institution in the same district. Three months later, in juvenile court, he was found guilty.

The members of the school board, however, persisted in their attempts to conceal the truth. When asked about the “predator transgender student or person” at a school board meeting before he was fired, former Loudoun County superintendent Scott Ziegler denied their existence.

Ziegler was found guilty of retaliating against a teacher who had assisted a grand jury investigation into the district’s alleged improper handling of sexual assault cases in Virginia last week.

Glenn Youngkin (R., Va.) pardoned Smith last month for charges stemming from his protest at a Loudoun County School Board meeting. The man was arrested in June of 2021 and charged with disorderly behavior after discussing his traumatized adolescent daughter.

“We righted a wrong. He should’ve never been prosecuted here. This was a dad standing up for his daughter,” Governor Youngkin stated back in September. “His daughter had been sexually assaulted in the bathroom of a school, and no one was doing anything about it.”

The Smith family is being represented in their most recent case by state legislator and practicing attorney William Stanley. The Loudoun County School Board has advised various media sources that it does not provide public comment on active litigation.

It was this case that largely led to the success of the Youngkin campaign against Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race back in the off-year election of 2021.

Since then, Republicans have viewed Youngkin’s surprise win as something to study and emulate considering he was a heavy underdog in that race.

Youngkin’s campaign hammered the disgust that Virginians had for the idea that there were Loudoun County school board members who were trying to cover up such a sad thing that happened to Mr. Smith’s daughter.

They had him arrested for even speaking out about this tragic event that happened to his daughter. That’s how insanely corrupt the Democrats in Virginia have become, and Youngkin highlighting this won favor of a ton of parents who are concerned about their children as well.

Expect the top Republican brass running in 2024 to bring up the radicalism of the Democrat party today in an attempt to appeal to the average Americans who have real concerns about the direction the country is headed in.

The Republican nominee, whether it’s Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or Nikki Haley, would be smart to bring up cases like the one from Virginia in debate with Joe Biden because it is a prime example of the downfall of the America that Democrats want to live in.

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