Joe Biden is fearing for the worst after receiving sobering election news

Joe Biden

Biden’s reelection campaign is off to a rocky start. The latest polls aren’t looking so good for him.

And Joe Biden is fearing for the worst after receiving sobering election news.

President Joe Biden is looking to attract voters any way possible.

It’s hard for him to do that though, as anytime he makes a public appearance he usually makes humiliating gaffes that go viral.

Those gaffes also cause Americans to question the 81-year-old president’s physical fitness and mental acuity.

But on Monday night, Biden decided to make an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in an attempt to gather support from viewers watching the program.

According to Nielsen Media Research, however, the appearance didn’t really help Biden’s cause, as the interview drew poor ratings, especially with people in the age demographic of 25-54.

852,000 average viewers were recorded and 181,000 of those were the 25-54 demographic.

Seth Meyers’ program in general has not done well ratings-wise recently.

In fact, the Leftist host’s show has been on the decline partially thanks to people not viewing cable TV as much anymore.

As for Biden, he isn’t known for making appearances on any programs that could ask him difficult questions about his presidency.

Instead, he gravitates toward comedians, celebrities, and other types of entertainers who will do nothing but prop him up.

Notice how the president skipped out on the Super Bowl interview. Maybe if a Leftist comedian was interviewing him for it, he would have participated.

Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna (CA) believes that the reason Biden went on Meyers’ show, was to try and ease tensions within the Democrat Party over their differences on how to handle the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Others viewed the appearance as an effort for Biden to increase voter turnout for himself in the Michigan primary which occurred last week.

No matter the reason, the interview turned out to be a flop.

Maybe just maybe Americans want to see the commander-in-chief challenged in an interview instead of being gushed at by some Democrat celebrity.

Joe Biden and his campaign may give themselves a pat on the back from going on late-night TV to try and win over voters.

But the facts don’t lie. The interview bombed, and so will Biden’s campaign if he doesn’t do something to get it on the right track.

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