Joe Biden just declared war on the free press

Joe Biden

President Biden can only stomach yes men in the media like CNN and MSNBC. Every other news agency is in his crosshairs.

And Joe Biden just declared war on the free press.

If it’s possible, President Biden seems to hate the media even more than Donald Trump.

Trump hated when the media twisted stories and gave half-truths or lies to make up stories about him, which is understandable.

Biden, however, loses his mind whenever a reporter has the courage to ask him any question that isn’t a softball.

His possible mental decline is probably no small factor in his reaction, too.

But now the White House is ensuring he doesn’t have to come face to face with blowback by banning outlets they disagree with from attending presidential events.

As prosecutors consider prosecuting first son Hunter Biden with federal offenses, the White House barred The New York Post, the country’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper, from attending President Joe Biden’s sole midday public engagement Monday.

The White House press office said in an email to the outlet on Monday, “We are unable to accommodate your credential request to attend the Investing in Airline Accountability Remarks on 5/8.” The remarks will be live-streamed and can be viewed at Thank you for understanding. We will let you know if a credential becomes available.”

According to the outlet, it boasts the fifth-largest news website in the United States, as well as the country’s second-most-read newspaper online and fifth-largest print circulation.

The email did not imply that the exclusion was due to “space limitations,” which has previously been used as an argument to explain the administration’s prescreening of reporters into huge presidential events that were open to all journalists on White House premises under prior administrations.

In June 2022, 73 journalists representing over two-thirds of White House briefing room seats signed a letter seeking an end to the event prescreening process.

However, the restrictions have remained in place, and no explanations for the selection procedures have been provided by Biden administration personnel, including the leadership of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

The Post first reported in October 2020 on information recovered from Hunter’s abandoned laptop that link Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings in China and Ukraine. Biden incorrectly characterized The Washington Post’s article as Russian disinformation.

In February, after answering a question from one of The Washington Post’s writers about whether his family’s ties to China hampered his ability to guide US policy, Biden stormed out of the room, ranting about the lack of “polite” reporters.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s criminal inquiry may be nearing completion, as his legal team met with Department of Justice officials last month in Washington, which might be the penultimate step before a charging decision.

On Friday, Biden declined to take reporter questions and stated that he would hold a “major news conference” that afternoon. This came just two days after House Republicans subpoenaed the FBI for a dossier alleging that Joe Biden took bribes, according to a whistleblower.

Instead of the presser, Biden sat for an interview that evening with MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle, who asked, “While there’s no ties to you, your own son could be charged by your Department of Justice … how will that impact your presidency?”

Biden responded, “It will not because he has done nothing wrong. And I’m proud of him,” despite the fact that the contents of the laptop suggest significant ties between Biden and his son’s business dealings.

The White House issued a new set of press badge guidelines last week, noting that the recipient must operate in a “professional manner” in order to keep their badge. Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba grilled Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and informed her during the interview, “You don’t seem a good fit for this job.”

According to the New York Post, the White House removed a long-standing legal loophole on Friday that had barred authorities from revoking reporters of their press credentials.

The White House did not react to questions from the Post concerning the outlet’s exclusion. At least two additional journalists were initially denied entry, but the White House press office later caved and allowed one of them in.

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