Joe Biden just embarrassed himself to the extreme in front of powerful world leader

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

Biden is constantly making the United States and himself look bad on the world stage. It’s almost as if he’s doing it on purpose.

And Joe Biden just embarrassed himself to the extreme in front of this powerful world leader.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden and the White House hosted a state visit for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

During a welcoming ceremony, both Biden and Kishida shook hands with one another as well as with several U.S. and Japanese delegations members. This took place on the South Lawn of the White House.

After the handshakes, they went onto a stage as both the Japanese and U.S. national anthems were played.

Biden and Kishida were then invited to observe the U.S. military honor guards. That’s when the trouble started for President Biden.

As he was directed by a member of the U.S. military, he looked around completely confused before putting on sunglasses and slowly walking across the lawn.

Compared to Kishida, Biden looked as though he had some trouble walking and was mostly just shuffling around the lawn while looking at the honor guards.

Thankfully for Joe Biden, that part of the ceremony was over and he got to take a break from walking and instead give an address from a nearby podium to the crowd in attendance.

While at the podium, he said that Washington, D.C. and Tokyo’s bond is “closer, stronger, and more effective than ever before in history.”

Usually making remarks is difficult for the president, but on Wednesday it was the least of his worries compared to how much difficulty he had simply walking alongside of Prime Minister Kishida.

Once his speech was done, Biden then looked confused yet again as he tried to exit the stage.

He ended up cutting off Kishida on their way down the stairs from the stage.

“They might as well put a leash on him. He literally has to be lead [sic] around so he doesn’t get lost. This is so embarrassing,” one user on X said in response to videos of Biden during the state visit.

“Why does Joe Bide look so lost & confused? What an embarrassment this man is,” another user said.

Embarrassment is the correct word for President Joe Biden in this situation.

Time and time again he’s doing things that are constantly making the United States look weak.

But Democrats will assure you that he’s shark as a tack and his physical fitness couldn’t be any better.

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