Joe Biden’s drug problem exposed by House Investigation

Joe Biden

There’s one thing the Biden administration doesn’t want the public to know about. That’s Joe’s drug problem.

But Joe Biden’s drug problem has now been exposed by a House Investigation.

The problem of the southern border crisis is not a problem that exists in a vacuum, separate from the rest of America.

So many other issues arise when violent criminals cross over our southern border illegally with no respect for America’s sovereignty and laws.

Texas has been bearing the brunt of the impact of illegal immigration as we’ve seen Texas cities and towns experiencing dramatic increases of reported violent crime like assault, theft, and more.

But the one problem Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want you to know about is the drug problem that is stemming from illegal immigration being unchecked right now.

You see, harmful drugs are pouring over our border, but one, in particular, is skyrocketing and causing unfathomable amount of damage to our youth and young adults.

That, of course, is fentanyl.

In fact, Republicans in the U.S. House have just learned that over 9,400 pounds of fentanyl have been seized by the Department of Homeland Security between the months of October and December of 2022.

To put that into perspective, sources say that’s enough to end the lives of more than 1.6 billion people. Meaning it’s enough to extinguish the entire U.S. population about five times over.

Of course, Democrats claimed that these seizures were a victory for the Biden administration and claimed Republicans were being bigoted for bringing it up at all.

While it’s true that the seizures themselves are good so that the 9,400 pounds of fentanyl can’t harm anyone else, the fentanyl shouldn’t be making its way to the U.S. at all.

And just think about how much fentanyl has made its way into the country that has been completely untraced by the federal government.

At a House hearing, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TENN) asked Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin and Gloria Chavez how much fentanyl it takes for someone to OD.

They responded that they did not know. Then Burchett responded that it only takes 2 milligrams to OD on fentanyl and it means 9,400 pounds is enough for 1.6 billion people to OD.

“I’ll do the math for you: It’s 1.6 billion people, with a B,” Burchett said.

“And the bottom line is, this country was on its way, I felt, to a secure border under President Trump, but President Biden put an end to that on his first day in office. I believe Americans are dying as a result,” he added.

Fentanyl ODs are skyrocketing in the south and all over the country, with Americans under the age of 35 being the biggest target for this drug.

This is a problem that Americans have to get under control, but Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t even want to acknowledge that there’s a problem at all.

They’d rather call Republicans “racist” and bigoted for trying to protect our citizens from those who would cause us harm.

It’s an utter shame.

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