Kamala Harris appeared on NBC and made the most baffling remark yet

Kamala Harris

No one considers Vice President Kamala Harris to be intelligent. She has never been remotely qualified to be vice president.

And she recently demonstrated this by appearing on NBC and making the most mindless comment yet.

In a speech he gave in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden recently ignited the political globe by denouncing all MAGA Republicans.

He argued that they pose the biggest threat to our country at the moment.

Which is totally out of touch and insane.

However, it appears that the White House has other ideas.

NBC aired a pre-shot interview with Vice President Kamala Harris on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, which sent tremors through the entire country.

She asserted during the interview that present threats to the nation are comparable to or worse than those posed by 9/11 and originate from “within.”

The greatest threat to our country, according to her, is posed by “election deniers”

On the 21st anniversary of the worst attack on American soil, she made this claim.

According to Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris, in a new interview, ripped Republican “election deniers” ahead of November’s midterm elections for harming the United States’ reputation for upholding “democratic principles” and the “rule of law” on the world stage on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

During an interview pre-filmed in Houston, Texas, and aired Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd asked the vice president if the threats the U.S. faced after 9/11 are equal or greater than the so-called threats the country now faces “from within.”

In her interview, Kamala Harris repeatedly brought up the events of January 6, reiterating the Democratic position that it was the largest attack on our democracy in history.

However, that is unquestionably the dullest perspective from January 6.

On January 6, all that was happening was a bunch of hooligans making a scene. They never imagined they would even get inside the Capitol.

Jan. 6’s attempt to seize national power and topple the republic was not planned in advance.

Dems, however, contend that there was.

They claim it was more tragic than when terrorists crashed planes into the Twin Towers, killing thousands of Americans.

The incidents on January 6 were insignificant in light of what happened on 9/11.

Terrorists are still at large and continue to pose a serious threat to any civilized first-world country.

But the two worst evils our country is currently facing are “election deniers” and MAGA Republicans, apparently.

Save it, Kamala Harris.

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