Kamala Harris has nowhere to hide after being completely destroyed by this Democrat

Vice President Kamala Harris is more unpopular than even Joe Biden. And now her friends are starting to turn on her.

And Kamala Harris has nowhere to hide after being completely destroyed by this Democrat.

Kamala Harris has truly never hit her stride in the political world.

Her speeches are uninspiring, her gaffes are almost as bad as Biden, and her next to no one believes she is sincere.

In fact, the FiveThirtyEight average approval rating for her remains in the toilet at 40.1% at the time of writing.

This is below even Joe Biden’s terrible 41.7% approval average.

Her performance has been so bad that even outspoken Democrats are worried they’ll be stuck with her should Joe Biden decide to run again in 2024.

Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” criticized Vice President Kamala Harris’ political skills late last week when discussing what would happen to Democrats if President Joe Biden (D), who turns 80 next week, died in office.

“I’ll give you another reason why, a good reason why, Biden shouldn’t run: the Kamala problem,” Maher said.

He went on to say that he likes Kamala Harris personally, but thinks she better suited for a college bureaucracy than a governmental position.

“Now, I like Kamala Harris, but for whatever reason, it just didn’t work out, okay? I think she would make a great president of the University of Santa Barbara here in California,” Maher said.

“But if Joe doesn’t run, then we don’t have to worry about her running, because it’s hard to get rid of your running mate that you ran with last time. But if you don’t run, then that kind of goes out with you.”

“Let me put it another way,” Maher replied after a brief exchange with a panelist. “Couldn’t Biden wind up doing a kind of Ruth Bader Ginsburg thing where he stays on a little too long and takes down the whole thing with him?”

“That’s what I worry about,” he added.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) said that Biden was in “good health,” to which Maher replied, “Oh come on. He keeps saying his son was killed in Iraq and he wasn’t.”

Maher’s comments come just days after Joe Biden made it clear that even if a majority of voters don’t want him to run, he will still try for a second term.

“Watch me,” Biden said to a reporter who questioned whether it was a wise decision.

And with Nancy Pelosi backing Biden for re-election recently, the soon to be octogenarian could be gearing up for an announcement any day now.

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