Kamala Harris was chased down the street in shocking video

kamala harris

Vice President Kamala Harris has kept a low profile for good reason. She was terrified this would happen.

And Kamala Harris was chased down the street in this shocking video.

Vice President Harris has an issue with being one of the most unlikeable Democrats even to her fellow politicians.

It’s no wonder Joe Biden designated her as his “Border Czar” early in his presidency.

She’s the scapegoat for Biden’s policy allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country.

Now it’s all starting to catch up with her.

On Wednesday afternoon, a small but vociferous group of protesters gathered outside The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s New York studio to heckle Vice President Kamala Harris, who was in town to pre-tape a program.

Protesters were cursing at her as she drove away, yelling “lock her up,” brandishing banners, and following after her motorcade.

According to NJEG Media, the protestors were against Biden, Democrats, vaccine requirements and pressure, the Great Reset, and the Ukraine war.

They waited at the side entrance for her to emerge.

Harris’ first visit on the show since becoming vice president, however, she was a Colbert guest in 2020. The program will air on Wednesday.

Colbert said the team was “thrilled and excited” to have Harris on the show when he announced the appearance.

Apparently, that joy was not shared by many New Yorkers, including those who braved the cold to voice their contempt for the venn diagram-loving VP whose cackling chuckle has become a trademark of embarrassing White House occasions.

Kamala’s Real Clear Politics average approval stands at an awful 38.8% compared to 50.8% who have an unfavorable view of her.

This is even below Joe Biden who is hovering around 41.7% favorability currently.

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