Kamala Harris made this revealing statement that has Joe Biden sweating bullets

kamala harris

Joe Biden has been one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. But if Vice President Harris takes over, she could easily earn that spot.

And Kamala Harris made this revealing statement that has Joe Biden sweating bullets.

Joe Biden is 80 years old and is not getting any younger.

Both Democrats and Republicans understand that there is definitely an issue with the President’s mental capacity.

And recently, Vice President Harris was asked about this very thing at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit.

“Questions about the president’s age often go hand in hand with questions about how you would step in the role if necessary. Do you feel prepared for that possibility?” asked Chris Megerian, a reporter for the Associated Press.

“Has serving as vice president prepared you for that job?”

Kamala Harris was certain to answer with “yes” to Megerian’s questions.

“Well, first of all, let’s – answering your hypothetical, but Joe Biden is going to be fine. So that is not going to come to fruition,” Harris said.

“But let us also understand that every vice president – every vice president – understands that when they take the oath, that they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president. I am no different.”

President Biden will be 86 once he leaves office, if he were to win a second term.

Harris no doubt has to be thinking that there is a chance she may be called to become president, due to Biden’s old age.

However, many believe Harris would ultimately be a step down from Joe Biden.

According to RealClearPolitics, 40.7% of Americans approve of the Vice President, while 41.7% approve of the President.

If Kamala Harris is prepared to “take over” for Biden, it’s wise that she begins figuring out how to improve her standing among U.S. citizens.

And if Joe Biden decides to bow out of the 2024 presidential election, Harris would undoubtedly be challenged by fellow Democrats like Gavin Newson, Governor of California.

Polls also show that Donald Trump – the leader in the polls in the Republican primary race – would beat Vice President Harris in the general election.

Since Biden is the oldest president in U.S. history, it’s good to be prepared should he not be able to fulfill his duties.

But for Kamala Harris, there’s no such thing as being too prepared.

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