Karine Jean-Pierre was just caught exposing herself on camera

karine jean-pierre

The White House Press Secretary has been an embarrassment for Biden. But this crosses a line.

Because Karine Jean-Pierre was just caught exposing herself on camera.

According to a Media Research Center (MRC) research published Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answered only eight questions about allegations of corruption and other issues facing President Biden in 75 White House briefings in 2023.

“Of the 337 scandal-related questions that White House reporters asked, Jean-Pierre provided a definitive answer to just eight of them (2.37 percent),” MRC senior research analyst and media editor Bill D’Agostino discovered in a recent study.

“This figure tracks very closely with our findings from the first half of 2023, in which the Press Secretary answered only six out of 252 questions (2.38 percent).”

According to the analysis, reporters focused the most on Biden’s alleged mishandling of sensitive documents, with Jean-Pierre responding only five of 220 questions on that topic, or 2.27%.

“By contrast, the number of questions about Biden family corruption doubled during the same period, from 35 by the end of June to 52 all year,” according to the report.

“Of those 87 questions, only three (3.44 percent) got substantive answers.”

Reporters were even less interested in asking questions about the baggie of cocaine discovered in the West Wing on July 2, prompting a Secret Service inquiry that was subsequently ended without identifying a suspect.

The White House received “a total of 30 questions about the cocaine across five briefings from July 5 to July 17,” but Jean-Pierre only provided a “concrete response to a single question,” according to the MRC.

Jean-Pierre “generally remained resolute in her refusal to engage with reporters about anything even remotely related to the Biden family’s financial dealings,” with at least three exceptions.

Biden has granted far fewer press interviews than his predecessors.

Despite campaigned on restoring traditions in the White House after the Trump years, Biden has given the press limited access since taking office.

Biden gave fewer news conferences than any other president in recent history. Even fewer interviews were granted to him.

In February, Biden was probed about his classified documents incident by PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff and ABC’s David Muir.

In the spring, he had amicable interviews with “The Daily Show” guest host (and former Obama aide) Kal Penn, NBC’s Al Roker, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

“This would’ve never happened with Kayleigh McEnany at the podium,” MRC founder and president Brent Bozell said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“The leftist media hacks don’t even cover when their own reporters ask Karine tough questions. That’s how corrupt the pro-Biden press are.”

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