Karine Jean-Pierre’s job is on the line after making this braindead statement

karine jean-pierre

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre is a complete embarrassment to the White House. Now she’s really stepped in it.

And Karine Jean-Pierre’s job is on the line after making this braindead statement.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called it “shameful” for border governors to transport illegal immigrants to towns and states that have declared themselves “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

Jean-Pierre made the comments during an appearance on CNN as she kicked off 2024 from the White House: “The busing of migrants, the putting them on flights, it is shameful that that is occurring. And instead of — if the governor really wants to deal with this issue, he should talk to the senators in his state.”


Critics quickly pointed out that if the federal government had done its job of enforcing immigration law, there would be far fewer illegal immigrants in the country — and that by declaring themselves to be sanctuaries, leaders in those cities and states had opened the door for exactly what has been happening.

“No one likes to be confronted with the negative ramifications of their choices,” Greg (@harmfulopinion) reminded them via X.

“Shameful to have Democrat voters face the consequences of the policies they supported,” Rita Panahi agreed.

“Hypocrisy alert,” Tom Moore posted.

“Sanctuary city mayors welcomed the Fed Funds with open arms and the virtue signaling, but not the responsibility that actually comes with caring for illegal aliens. WH Press Secretary KJP parrots feigned outrage in support of liberal mayors.”

“I mean they asked for it. That’s not even being slightly caustic, it’s precisely what announcing yourself as a sanctuary city is,” Robert Patrick Lewis said.

“Oh KJP. These ‘sanctuary cities’ have decided, in violation of our Constitution and human trafficking laws, that they would indeed harbor, aid, and abet human trafficking and illegal alien criminals. So as long as [Joe Biden] wants to leave our border wide open, ‘sanctuary cities’ are the only logical place to send them,” another replied.

During the same interview, Jean-Pierre asserted that President Joe Biden had accomplished more in two years than previous presidents had accomplished in two terms.


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