Kid stumps Joe Biden in embarrassing video you have to see

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s mental decline is getting scary. There’s no defending him after this.

And a kid stumped Joe Biden in this embarrassing video you have to see.

Remember when President Joe Biden was in Ireland less than two weeks ago and was having the “time of his life”? It looks like he has completely forgotten about it.

A child asked the president at the White House on Thursday what the last country he went to was. The president didn’t know the answer.

“I’ve met with 89 heads of state so far,” Biden said, “So, uh, I’m trying to think what’s the last place I was. … It’s hard to keep track … uh.”

“Ireland!” yelled a child in the crowd.

“Yeah, you’re right, Ireland,” he replied. “That’s what it was. How did you know that?”

The better question is, of course, why didn’t the president know that? Not even 14 days ago, the president took his son Hunter and his sister Valerie on a sort of family trip.

This trip wasn’t dull, either. Biden had a huge welcome home party. Even one of his events seemed to be overflowing for the first time since 2008.

He enjoyed it so much, he didn’t want to leave.

“When you’re here you wonder why anyone would want to leave,” Biden said at a pub.

As part of “Take Your Child to Work Day” at the White House on Thursday, the president was mobbed by kids.

White House staff and media were welcome to bring their kids to the president’s house. He worked the rope line and tried to answer their questions.

As reported, Biden marked “Take Your Child to Work Day” on that trip to Ireland, where Hunter joined him as an official umbrella holder. Hunter also helped his dad answer hard questions from kids, like “What are the keys to success?”

Maybe the president tripped up this time because, unlike on Wednesday, he didn’t have a cheat sheet with a pre-selected question and the name of the reporter written on it.

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