Leading Democrat just got exposed for this wild scheme to help illegal immigrants

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

The Left seems to only coddle non-U.S. citizens. They’d write a blank check to most any foreign country if they could.

And a leading Democrat just got exposed for this wild scheme to help illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigration in this country is simply out of control.

President Joe Biden and his administration have done absolutely nothing to stop the southern border crisis that they’ve caused.

And to make matters worse, Leftist governors are helping make the situation worse.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) announced that her state will be giving landlords a “newcomer rental subsidy” which are funds to help place illegal immigrants in the properties they own.

The landlords would receive funds of up to $500 a month to help house these migrants.

According to The Midwesterner, the state of Michigan’s website says, “Many refugees and other newcomers face critical housing challenges, and this program will increase access to better and more affordable housing opportunities while supporting a more rapid social integration to refugees and other newcomer populations to Michigan.”

The website also states that the new subsidy program “provides Refugees and other Newcomer population-eligible households with rental assistance up to $500 per month for up to 12 months, with eligibility based on immigration status and household income.”

What’s especially frustrating about this program is that Whitmer and the Michigan government refer to illegal aliens as simply “newcomers.”

They can’t use the phrase illegal immigrant because it’s either too offensive or it immediately lets the public know that you’re willing helping to fund housing for illegals in your state.

Democrats claim they want to try and solve the border crisis, but when they literally encourage citizens, through government-issued payments, to give illegal aliens a home, there’s no chance they’re actually serious about stopping the problem.

Tudor Dixon, a former Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, had a similar sentiment when speaking to Fox News, saying, “Gretchen Whitmer is enabling Joe Biden’s open border policies by handing out cash to anyone who will take in unvetted illegal immigrants, undoubtedly risking the safety of our neighborhoods and communities.”

“After the m*rder of Ruby Garcia less than a week ago, Whitmer should immediately cancel this program and demand Biden secure the border for the good of Michigan citizens.”

Dixon is familiar with Whitmer’s awful policies and tactics. He ran against her in 2022 for a chance at winning the governorship.

Unfortunately for him and the state of Michigan, he wasn’t able to defeat her.

And now the state is paying the price by having to deal with Whitmer’s awful decision-making.

This isn’t something new for Michiganders however.

Who can forget Gov. Whitmer’s tyrannical COVID-19 policies that stripped away basic rights of U.S. citizens who resided in her state?

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