Leftist’s new policy proposal could have awful consequences for this major U.S. city

eric adams

The Democrats have no shortage of bad ideas. They also rarely have any solutions for the problems they create.

And this Leftist’s new policy proposal could have awful consequences for this major U.S. city.

Illegal immigration has been rampant under the Biden administration.

The president has done nothing to help ease the flow of illegal aliens who are making their way into the United States through the southern border.

And now, U.S. cities and states have to deal with this mass influx of migrants.

One of the cities that has especially felt the weight of illegal immigration, is New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams (D) of NYC has had to come up with different ways to account for all the illegal migrants who have entered the city.

And he’s now put forth a policy proposal that’s utterly ridiculous and wouldn’t be a proper solution for the immigration problem at all.

Adams proposed on Tuesday that New York City’s open lifeguard positions should be filled with illegal immigrants because they’re “excellent swimmers.”

“If we had a migrant and asylum seeker plan that states those jobs that we are in high demand we could expedite. How do we have a large body of people in our city and country that are excellent swimmers and at the same time we need lifeguards?” Adams said.

He also added that “the only obstacle is that we won’t give them the right to work to become a lifeguard.”

The mayor addressed this issue back in March on GMGT Live’s The Reset Talk Show, when he said, “What’s important here … is allowing people to work. And the irony of it is that we have so many jobs that are open, everything from lifeguards to food service workers to nurses to all these other groups.”

“There’s so many places that we need workers and we have this willing and able body of people that because of federal laws are unable to work.”

In 2023, the Parks Department observed declining applications for lifeguard positions in New York City, according to the Daily Mail.

The department also tried to raise wages to try and get more people to apply.

So instead of trying to find a reasonable solution to get more legal U.S. citizens to apply for a lifeguarding job in NYC, Mayor Adams thinks it’s a good idea to hire illegal aliens.

How insane is that?

The Left never actually seems serious about fixing any problems, whether they’ve created those problems or not.

Maybe Mayor Eric Adams will come to his senses soon and throw out that awful idea. But we wouldn’t hold our breath.

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