Mike Pence shot this threat at Donald Trump that sent him into a rage

As Trump’s former Vice President, Mike Pence should be one his closest allies. But he has proven to be anything else.

And Mike Pence shot this threat at Donald Trump that sent him into a rage.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump have had a rough relationship.

Where Trump is a tough-talking, no-nonsense leader who isn’t afraid to take on the media and Democrats, Mike Pence is more of a soft-spoken politician who goes with the flow.

Since Joe Biden took over as president, Pence has distanced himself from his former boss, claiming the Republican Party needs to move on from Trump.

For his part, Trump has lambasted Pence as a feckless and spineless RINO for his failure to support the MAGA movement.

But their greatest fight may be just on the horizon as Mike Pence has signaled he may run for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Former Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News that Republican candidates who focused on the future and fixing challenges voters are facing today “did quite well” in the midterm elections.

Seeing this, he also stated that he and his family will “prayerfully consider” running for president in 2024 over the holidays.

Pence, who is promoting his new book “So Help Me God,”” began by congratulating Republicans on regaining control of the United States House of Representatives.

“A win is a win. I was in Congress the last time that we defeated a Democrat majority led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the day that Pelosi hands the gavel to Speaker Kevin McCarthy is going to be a great day for America and an opportunity for us to start our way back to the policies that the Trump-Pence administration proved make our country secure and prosperous and ensures the vitality of our liberties,” Pence said.

“I welcome that, and I celebrate the election of a Republican majority in the House of Representatives without qualification.”

Despite the triumph in the lower body of Congress, Republicans underperformed in House races, failed to retake the United States Senate, and missed opportunities in a number of governor races across the country.

When asked to explain what happened, Pence stated that the candidates that fared well were those who were focused on the future and solving challenges that voters face.

“That said, like most Republicans, I was hoping for more,” Pence said.

He then tried to co-opt some of Trump’s success, pointing to his role as Vice President in the previous administration.

“I really think the takeaway for Republicans, especially those in the new Republican majority, is we need to be focused on what people are dealing with today and the hardships they’re facing today and we need to bring our country back to the prosperity and security we experienced under the Trump-Pence administration.”

Pence made clear he hasn’t committed to running, and may end up supporting a candidate he feels is better than himself.

“In terms of our role, I can tell you we are going to give prayerful consideration to what role we might play in the months and years ahead as we gather over the Christmas holidays but whether I’m a candidate for president or whether I’m championing another candidate I promise you I’ll never stop fighting for the conservative policies and values that have defined my public life since the very start,” Pence said.

But when asked whether he would support Donald Trump’s third bid for the nomination and presidency, Pence made clear where he stands.

“I believe there will be better options. I believe there will be better choices. I have great confidence in Republican primary voters,” Pence said.

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