Nancy Pelosi went on CNN and made eyebrow-raising comments no one saw coming

Nancy Pelosi

Former House Speaker and Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi has a huge decision to make about her future. Is she still going to vie for Democrat leadership?

That’s why everyone was surprised by these eyebrow-raising comments Pelosi made on CNN.

The Pelosi circle has been giving extremely mixed messages regarding Nancy Pelosi’s political future in Washington, D.C.

At 83 years old, many have expected Pelosi to retire after holding her Representative seat from California since 1987.

In November of last year, Pelosi admitted that she wouldn’t be seeking any return to House Democrat leadership anymore.

That came as a relief to many Americans.

But earlier in 2022, Pelosi herself said she was planning to run indefinitely. She did run in 2022 and won reelection to her House seat.

In light of her comments about not seeking anymore House Democrat leadership, many are wondering if she is going to pass on 2024 and finally call it quits.

Pelosi just might be gearing up for yet another campaign if her latest comments are any indication, though.

Nancy Pelosi went on CNN with the network’s Dana Bash and said that she wouldn’t be making any “political plans” at the moment.

“I’m not making any political plans here today, but I’m enjoying my service with the members, that our new members are wonderful, our leadership,” Pelosi shared with CNN’s Dana Bash.

Bash pressured Pelosi to give a more concrete answer as to whether she would be seeking reelection and Pelosi’s response was simply “We’ll see, we’ll see.”

That certainly sounds like it’s a real possibility that Pelosi is running again, if not a serious likelihood.

Other comments by Nancy Pelosi indicate that she’s eyeing 2024 as a “big year” for her Democrat Party.

Another term for Nancy Pelosi would be simply insane. She has already held her seat for more than 35 years. That’s a career in Washington, D.C. if you’ve ever seen one.

Career politicians have fallen out of favor with the American public in recent years as well.

Polls show that a vast majority of Americans want term limits placed on any and all elected officials in Washington, D.C. so that no one can hold on to their seat for decades on end with no hope of getting them out.

Is there any better example of how corrupt someone can get after decades in Congressional power than Nancy Pelosi?

The Federalist Wire will keep you updated on any updates on a potential Pelosi reelection campaign.