President Biden is worried about this law kicking him out of office

Joe Biden

Joe Biden insists that he will be running for office again in 2024. That may not be true.

And now President Biden is worried about this law that will kick him out of office.

Everyone knows the Democrats are in an unwinnable situation with President Biden as the incumbent Democrat President.

Joe Biden is now over 80 years old and anyone with two working eyes can see that he is not doing too well in terms of health.

But the Democrats don’t have anyone else to turn to right now. They can’t shove Biden out of the way to let Kamala Harris run for the White House herself.

She’s far too politically toxic for that to be viable for the Democrats. The rest of the Democrat field just doesn’t have a shot against the likes of Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis either.

It’s not just the 2024 general election that the Democrats have to worry about either. Biden is finding himself in a very real competition against Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the Democrat primaries.

RFK Jr. has carved out at double-digit support from the Democrat voters and that continues to grow. The reality has now gotten even worse for Biden, though.

Joe Biden may not even be on the ballot of the first two Democrat primary elections due to the Democrat National Committee trying to change South Carolina as the new first state primary election.

New Hampshire and Iowa Democrats are now reportedly planning to hold their votes before South Carolina, potentially leaving Biden off of the ballot.

New Hampshire, in particular, even has a law that says that they must be the first primary stop rather than South Carolina, according to the New Hampshire Democrats.

Axios reports:

Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire could defy Biden and move ahead with their contests — even as the party warns it will strip them of their national convention delegates if they jump the gun.

The Axios report goes on to say that:

The new calendar put New Hampshire and Nevada voting second — a few days after South Carolina — but New Hampshire Democrats note that their state law requires them to have the nation’s first primary, and many vow to keep it that way.

A major Democrat in Iowa reportedly said that the Democrats in the state feel as though the Democrat National Committee are leaving them out of having a seat at the table.

We are rule followers and want to be part of the process, but we did everything the DNC asked and we got no consideration,” a top Iowa Democrat lamented.

If Biden is left off of the first two primary contests, expect all hell to break loose.

Biden’s campaign would have to contend with a surging RFK Jr. who would most likely win those first two contests according to many polls.

That could be the start of the downfall of Biden’s campaign and lead to the domino effect of seeing Biden lose the Democrat nomination.

At the end of the day, the Democrats have caused this issue themselves. The rest of us can just sit back and enjoy the fireworks we’re sure to get.

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