Presidential candidate declares war on Joe Biden’s campaign in an insane turn of events

Jill Stein

Biden’s reelection efforts are continuing to fall short. But now things have really hit the fan after what this candidate announced.

And a presidential candidate has declared war on Joe Biden’s campaign in an insane turn of events.

The state of Pennsylvania is a crucial swing state for presidential hopefuls this fall.

Former President Donald Trump was fortunate enough to carry the state in 2016 but ultimately lost it in his reelection efforts in 2020 when Joe Biden flipped it blue.

But now President Biden is the one who needs to be worried about losing the Keystone State this November.

According to a new poll from FiveThirtyEight, Trump is leading Biden 42.9% to 40.8% in Pennsylvania.

And if that wasn’t enough bad news for Biden, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein could also interfere with the president’s plans of winning the state.

Stein’s campaign has revealed that she is drawing close to officially being on Pennsylvania’s 2024 presidential ballot.

Her campaign told the Washington Examiner that she almost has the 5,000 required signatures to get on the ballot before the August 1 deadline.

Alex Casper, the secretary of the Green Party of Pennsylvania, has cited the harsh behavior of Democrats and Republicans in the Keystone State as a reason why Stein and her campaign will try and get more than 5,000 signatures. This effort will help them ensure she’s on the ballot.

“We are confident that if we keep our volunteer efforts strong that we will be on the ballot this time. We need all our boots on the ground to take down the duopoly’s regime at the ballot,” Casper said to the Washington Examiner.

Stein’s presence on Pennsylvania’s ballot could prove to be detrimental for Joe Biden.

She’s a candidate that certainly leans to the Left of Donald Trump, so she would more than likely be attracting Biden voters to her campaign.

During the 2016 election, Stein got 49,941 votes in Pennsylvania. This caused then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to become angered by Stein’s candidacy because she felt as though the Green Party candidate stole votes away from her which led to Trump carrying the state.

Clinton lost the Keystone State by just 44,292 votes.

Joe Biden won the state by just 1.2%, so Stein could very well inadvertently assist Trump again this year.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has created a team led by strategy personnel to fight back against third-party candidates in the 2024 presidential election.

The strategists are Ramsey Reid, Mary Beth Cahill, and Lis Smith.

But the DNC’s strategy not only needs to involve a plan to counteract Stein, but also Joe Biden’s unpopularity which has led to him trailing Donald Trump in the polls.

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