Presidential candidate hit with a brutal reality check that could signal the end of their campaign

Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Running for President of the United States isn’t for the weak. This politician has learned that very quickly.

And a presidential candidate was hit with a brutal reality check that could signal the end of their campaign.

It’s common knowledge that it requires a ton of money to run for president.

That’s why so many candidates hold fundraising events in an effort to gather up donations for their campaigns.

Both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have held successful fundraisers in recent months that have brought them millions of dollars in donations.

But one candidate hasn’t been so fortunate with their fundraising efforts.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, is struggling with raking up donations to his campaign, according to reports from the Washington Examiner.

In an attempt to gather up more smaller donations, he’s been selling raffle tickets, worth $10, for a chance to go on outings with him and his wife. Smaller donations account for over a quarter of the funds he has, but they only total $11 million.

Kennedy’s attempts to increase these types of donations don’t seem to be working.

His campaign also hosted several auctions, but the most recent one only raised half of the $100,000 goal that was set.

Because of that, no auctions have been held by the Kennedy campaign as a result.

Kennedy’s campaign has also made an effort to offer volunteers commission for merchandise and tickets for events that they sell.

“We launched this program to increase our reach while also compensating our hardworking field volunteers and professional ad affiliates,” Audra Gold, the Deputy Digital Director of the campaign said.

“By signing up for our affiliate program, volunteers can get paid by promoting campaign merchandise and events, and discouraging supporters to make donations.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vice presidential pick, Nicole Shanahan, gave $10 million of her own money to Kennedy, a much-needed boost for his campaign.

So after that $10 million was added, the campaign has now raised more than $43 million.

But in order to appear on more state presidential ballots, Kennedy has to spend money to collect signatures.

According to the campaign, they allegedly have gotten Kennedy on the ballot in Michigan, California, Utah, Delaware, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Texas.

They’ve also recently said that they have the right amount of signatures to make the ballot in nine other states, which are: New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, Nebraska, Idaho, Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey, and New York.

But if Kennedy wants to make all 50 states’ ballots, then he desperately needs to raise more cash.

And as of now, that’s looking to be a rather daunting task.

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