Radical Leftist governor’s career is on the ropes after this shocking news hit their desk

kathy hochul

Democrats are falling apart all over the country. Americans have had it with the Left’s horrible, destructive policies.

And this Radical Leftist governor’s career is on the ropes after this shocking news hit their desk.

Blue states around the country are in serious decline.

Thanks to the Leftist governors that run those states, residents are experiencing many issues such as failing economies and high crime rates.

New York is one of these blue states where it’s governor has caused turmoil, leading to residents viewing them in a very negative light.

According to a new poll from Siena College, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has an approval rating of 44%, which is a record low.

Participants of the survey said that Hochul’s failed leadership and lack of care for people is why they view her so negatively.

50% of participants also disapprove with her job performance.

“When it comes to various Hochul characteristics, the partisan divide remains between Democrats on one side and Republicans joined by independents on the other side,” Steven Greenberg, a pollster for Siena College stated.

“Democrats say Hochul cares about people like them, works hard, is a decisive leader, and is honest. Republicans and independents don’t agree.”

Hochul recently got rid of the New York City toll plan involving congestion pricing. The plan was viewed negatively by residents in the city, so some believe Hochul was trying to increase her popularity through her decision to axe the plan.

But unfortunately for the Empire State governor, that effort didn’t work according to Greenberg.

“Despite strongly supporting Hochul’s decision to put congestion pricing on hold, and even more strongly supporting the social media bill she championed, voters now give Hochul the lowest favorability and job approval ratings she’s had in nearly three years as governor,” the pollster explained.

Gov. Hochul isn’t the only Democrat New Yorkers view unfavorably.

President Joe Biden is also getting some of the negative treatment that Hochul has gotten from her residents.

In fact, 42% of the survey participants view Biden negatively.

“While Biden maintains the support of three-quarters of Democrats, Trump has support from 85% of Republicans and leads Biden 45%-28% with independents,” said Greenberg.

“A gender gap has reopened as men support Trump 46%-42% and women favor Biden 51%-33%. White voters are evenly divided. And while Biden has a commanding lead with non-white voters, Trump garners support from 29% of Black and 26% of Latino voters.”

According to FiveThirtyEight’s polling, Donald Trump is only trailing Biden in the heavily blue state of New York by just 8%.

In 2020, Joe Biden won the state by over 20 points.

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