Republican candidate has egg on his face after this failed attack on Trump

asa hutchinson

Donald Trump is the leader in the Republican primary polls. But this politician is trying to dethrone him.

And this Republican candidate has egg on his face after this failed attack on Trump.

It’s hard to go after a candidate who is performing so well in the polls.

But Republican presidential candidate and former Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson believes he has no choice.

According to polling from Morning Consult, Hutchinson is at 0% in the Republican primary polls.

That might explain why he felt the need to launch an attack on front-runner Donald Trump during a speech at the Florida Freedom Summit late last week.

Predictably, the attack did not sit well with the audience, and will likely only push him further to the bottom of the race for the GOP nominee for president.

“As someone who’s been in the courtroom for 25 years as a federal prosecutor, and also in defending some of the most serious federal criminal cases, I can say that there is a significant likelihood that Donald Trump will be found guilty by a jury on a felony offense,” Hutchinson told the crowd of 3,000.

The former governor was immediately booed for his remarks.

“That may or may not happen before you vote in March,” Hutchinson continued.

“And it might not make any difference to you, but it will make a difference for our chances to attract independent voters in November. It will make a difference for those down-ticket races for Congress and Senate.”

Asa Hutchinson had to speak up so he wasn’t completely drowned out from the boos.

“While some will ignore the destructive behavior of the former president, I assure you, we ignore it at our own peril. The next generation will not look favorably back on this time,” he added.

Hutchinson was even yelled to “go home,” by an angry crowd member.

It seems as though the GOP presidential candidate is trying to convince voters that they need to rally behind someone who doesn’t have as much baggage, such as criminal indictments like former President Donald Trump has.

But like many Trump supporters, the crowd likely believes that he is the subject of a political witch-hunt, orchestrated by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and other radical-Leftist attorneys and judges around the country.

Former Governor Hutchinson’s remarks might just be the final nails in the coffin for his presidential campaign.

Especially with other candidates like former Vice President Mike Pence dropping out as of late, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hutchinson follow suit.

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