Ron DeSantis has Joe Biden furious as can be with this latest news

ron desantis

President Biden wants DeSantis to stay away from the 2024 election. But that’s not happening.

Because Ron DeSantis has Joe Biden furious as can be with this huge news.

The Democrats know full and well that Joe Biden is an extremely vulnerable Presidential incumbent in the 2024 election cycle.

His only hope of winning, should he choose to run again, is for both Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump to stay out of the picture when it’s general election time.

While the Democrats are doing everything in their power to unjustly lock up Donald Trump with phony charges, they still have to contend with Ron DeSantis.

There are plenty of conservatives who would prefer Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump anyway, just like there are some who would prefer Trump over DeSantis.

Joe Biden doesn’t really have a way of getting DeSantis out of the picture either.

In fact, according to several polls, Ron DeSantis has become the most highly approved major politician in America today.

In contrast, approval ratings are something Joe Biden has been struggling with since year one of his presidency.

So Joe Biden and the Democrats are ultimately just hoping DeSantis doesn’t put his hat in the ring for a bid at the White House. But it seems that’s not happening.

Rumors have been flying that Ron DeSantis would be announcing an official candidacy in the coming weeks, or even over the summer.

The general consensus is that he will be jumping in to play ball at some point, and this latest news drop is even more evidence of Joe Biden’s worst nightmare coming true.

According to several outlets, Ron DeSantis has picked up support from a former adviser to Republican Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin, the underdog winner who stunningly beat the odds to trump Terry McAuliffe.

This former Youngkin adviser, Jeff Roe, will be working for a super PAC called “Never Back Down” that has thrown its support behind Ron DeSantis for President.

NBC reports:

Roe is joining Never Back Down PAC, a source familiar with the plans said. The super PAC was launched this month by Ken Cuccinelli, a Trump administration official who has defected for the 2024 race and is playing a major role in laying the groundwork for DeSantis’ widely expected White House bid.

Obviously, for legal reasons, the PAC can’t say that they are supporting a DeSantis campaign if DeSantis has not announced a run yet.

But they make it clear in no uncertain terms that they will support him over Donald Trump.

“Jeff Roe and the Axiom team have the experience, know-how, and the resources needed to elect the next president of the United States,” an insider said to the media.

“If DeSantis announces he’s running, Roe’s team will make the difference in getting him to overtake Trump in the primary,” the insider added.

As every day passes by, it seems more and more likely like DeSantis will be running for President.

If/when that happens, you can be sure that Joe Biden will start to sweat bullets.

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