Ron DeSantis was hand-delivered a letter that changed his future forever

ron desantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s rise to popularity in the Peach State was fast. All of that may change.

Because Ron DeSantis was hand-delivered a letter that changed his future forever.

The main uncertainty surrounding the Republican presidential primary in 2024 is whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will enter the race.

In the GOP Primary, only DeSantis has a chance to pose a real threat to former President Donald Trump.

The governor of Florida hasn’t said much up to this point about running for president.

His current attention is on the forthcoming Florida legislative session, which will end in May.

However, several Republicans are impatiently awaiting DeSantis’ final decision regarding a presidential run.

A group of Republican lawmakers in the pivotal state of Michigan is urging DeSantis to run for president as a result of his popularity.

Bryan Posthumus, a state representative for the Republicans from Michigan, went to Florida last month to personally deliver a letter to DeSantis urging him to run for president.

18 additional Michigan representatives, or 25% of the Republican caucus, also signed the letter.

DeSantis is “uniquely and exceptionally qualified to provide the leadership and competence that, unfortunately, is missing” under President Joe Biden, according to Posthumus’ letter.

Additionally, the GOP stated that they “stand ready and willing to help [DeSantis] win Michigan in 2024.”

Even though DeSantis wasn’t explicitly endorsed over Trump in the letter, it was very evident which direction they were leaning.

The letter, according to Jason Roe, a former executive director of the Michigan GOP, demonstrates that Republicans are looking for a candidate to challenge Trump.

“I think it is very significant that elected Republicans are so overtly looking for an alternative in 2024,” Roe said. “It shows a seriousness about winning, at the risk of poking the Trump bear. I think we will see more of this in the coming months.”

In December, when he “flew to Florida and met with the Governor and a staff member to discuss the Presidential election,” the letter was personally delivered, according to a Posthumus representative.

In his first campaign for office in 2020, Posthumus identified as “pro-Trump” and endorsed a letter requesting Michigan’s attorney general to look into election fraud.

Trump won Michigan in the 2016 presidential election, making him the first Republican to do so since 1988.

In 2020, he came so close to losing the state, nevertheless.

In the event that DeSantis decides to run for president, his ability to win over the Rust Belt is in doubt.

With Trump’s support, Matt DePerno ran as the state’s GOP attorney general candidate in 2016.

He claimed that Trump would still prevail in a GOP primary in the crucial midwestern state.

“I think [DeSantis] would lose. I don’t know by how much, but I think definitely he would lose,” DePerno said. “I think Donald Trump would certainly win in the next Primary.”

If Ron DeSantis runs, the GOP Primary could end up becoming a heavyweight match.

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