Rumors surrounding Michelle Obama and the 2024 election have been taken to a new level

michelle obama

The Left is obsessed with the Obamas. They practically think they’re the best thing to ever come out of politics.

And rumors surrounding Michelle Obama and the 2024 election have been taken to a new level.

As President Joe Biden’s popularity and poll numbers continue to take a hit, the Left has been looking at options to possibly replace him.

One rumored option is former first lady Michelle Obama.

For several election cycles now, there’s been speculation that she could very well run for office as a member of the Democrat party.

But one prominent Republican has shot down those rumors recently.

“No – look, she hates politics. Read her autobiography,” Republican commentator Karl Rove sai during an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”

“She didn’t want her husband to run for the state Senate. She didn’t want him to run for the presidency. She’s not a political animal.”

Rove added that a Michelle ticket would bring about theories that Barack Obama would essentially have a third term by using his wife as a puppet for policies that he wants to set forth.

“People would say that’s Barack trying to get a third term as president, and they wouldn’t go for it,” Rove said.

“This is a weird obsession of the conspiratorial right – and it’s just lunacy, pure lunacy.”

But even though Michelle Obama apparently doesn’t like politics, she’s still viewed as an important member of the Left.

Rove also mentioned how the same rumors were being spread about her running for office back in 2020.

“They thought somehow or another, Biden was going to be pushed aside by Obama, Andrew Cuomo was going to be the Democratic candidate, and his running mate was going to be Michelle Obama,” Rove said.

“She loves the life she’s got.”

Rove did say that he thinks Biden could be pushed aside for the Democratic nomination for president, just not by Michelle Obama.

“Something inside me says somebody is going to wak up on that side, Jill Biden or maybe his sister, Valerie Biden-Owens, and say, ‘You know, Joe, this is not the way for you to go down in the history books, step aside and let somebody else be chosen at the convention,” he predicted.

“Joe Biden thinks he is the only person who can beat Donald Trump in the Democratic Party.”

“He may be the only person who can lose to Donald Trump in the Democratic Party.”

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