The Biden family finally confesses their dark secrets

hunter biden

The past few weeks have not been good for the Biden family. They’ve been forced to tell all.

And now the Biden family has finally confessed to their darkest secrets.

It’s become all too common for powerful Washington, D.C. families to have far too many skeletons in their closets and secrets that they don’t want the public to know about.

The Biden family in particular has been a powerful D.C. family that Americans have long known were steeped in the political “Swamp” culture.

Over the past few months, though, Americans have learned more than ever before about Joe Biden and his relatives. More than we wanted to know.

Leaked voicemails, for example, have given a disturbing inside look at Hunter Biden’s problems and general corruption.

Many of these leaks come from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop at a computer repair shop that was recovered in 2020.

Then the New York Post broke the story on the Hunter Biden laptop and we all know now that social media giants conspired with the government to suppress that story from making the rounds.

Democrats have also been arguing for more than two years now that the laptop may not belong to Hunter Biden.

But anyone with their head on straight knew that the laptop was Hunter Biden’s as all the evidence in the world pointed to that reality.

Well, now the Democrats can’t hide behind those lies.

The Biden family’s lawyers have admitted that the infamous Hunter Biden laptop is in fact his and that the data on the laptop is his as well.

This essentially confirms many of the leaks we’ve been hearing about from the laptop, including the corrupt business dealings and odd family problems that we learned about in voicemails and emails.

Oddly, Hunter Biden and his lawyers are now demanding investigations into anyone who has been leaking information from the laptop and even anyone discussing it like Tucker Carlson.

Abbe Lowell, one of the leading lawyers for Hunter Biden, maintains that these new demands for criminal investigations into others leaking information from the laptop do not mean they are admitting it is his.

That makes zero sense and is about as believable as when a high school student says their dog ate their homework.

Furthermore, whether or not the laptop itself was ever physically in possession of Hunter Biden is largely irrelevant.

The contents on the laptop that condemn the Biden family have been verified by a number of sources and are impossible to make up.

This is a case of Occam’s Razor.

The simplest answer is often the best answer, and the simplest answer is that the laptop is Hunter’s.

But for Hunter and his lawyers to fight back on his behalf, they had to admit that the laptop was his and that’s basically what they’ve done.