The First Amendment is under attack because of the DOJ and Hillary Clinton

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Free speech is an essential right for Americans. But the Left wants to take it away.

And the First Amendment is under attack because of the DOJ and Hillary Clinton.

If Democrats had their way, freedom of speech would not be a right granted to American citizens.

Douglass Mackey found that out the hard way after he was sentenced to 7 months in prison by the Eastern District Court of New York for making posts that were intended to poke fun at Hillary Clinton and her base.

Mackey’s humorous posts (otherwise known as memes), that landed him in prison, were made during the 2016 presidential election.

His alias on X (formerly Twitter) is Ricky Vaughn, and the memes that got him into trouble were ones that jokingly suggested that Hillary Clinton supporters vote from home through text messaging.

Of course, all of Mackey’s posts were tongue in cheek, but the Justice Department thought otherwise.

Despite there being no evidence that showed a voter being fooled by Mackey’s meme, he still suffered the wrath of the DOJ.

Supporters of Douglass Mackey’s and those on the Right, quickly spotted a double standard involved in this court case.

In the past, there have been similar posts encouraging Donald Trump supporters to vote via text message. Specifically comedian Kristina Wong, who in 2016, posted on X, “Hey Trump Supporters! Skip poll lines at #Election2016 and TEXT in your vote! Text votes are legit. Or vote tomorrow on Super Wednesday!”

Not only did Wong post the same joke as Mackey about voting via text, but she also falsely told Trump voters that they could vote on Wednesday instead of election Tuesday.

No one is saying Wong should go to jail for her post either, but it’s interesting that because since she was disparaging Trump and his supporters, she got off scot free, while Mackey got a prison sentence for going after Hillary Clinton.

But nonetheless, the DOJ and the Eastern District Court of New York believed that Mackey’s meme was categorized as election interference.

“According to the allegations in the complaint, the defendant exploited a social media platform to infringe one the of most basic and sacred rights guaranteed by the Constitution: the right to vote,” Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Nicholas L. McQuaid said.

“This complaint underscores the department’s commitment to investigating and prosecuting those who would undermine citizens’ voting rights.”

Again, prosecutors were unable to prove that the meme actually worked to diswade voters from showing up in person to vote for Hillary Clinton.

But evidence doesn’t matter when it comes to President Joe Biden’s DOJ. It’s a “guilty until proven innocent” mindset with them.

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