The Trump campaign was rocked after this RINO makes a presidential campaign announcement

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Donald Trump is trying to fend off the Left in his efforts to win back the White House. But now it looks like he’ll have to defend himself from Republicans too.

And the Trump campaign was rocked after this RINO made a presidential campaign announcement.

Former President Donald Trump is the last Republican standing in the GOP primary.

He’s clinched the Republican nomination for president and will likely face Joe Biden in the general election in November.

But another Republican looks to be entering the election in a stunning twist.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who also ran as GOP presidential candidate this election cycle, said that he is open to a third-party run this fall.

Christie made the comments on an episode of the Axe Files podcast that premiered last Thursday.

Back in February, Christie said that he wouldn’t leave the Republican Party because he “will never stop fighting to change” it.

But now it seems as though he’s singing a different tune.

When Axe Files host David Axelrod asked Christie if he was willing to run with the third-party group, No Labels, the former governor said, “You know, I think the way I would look at it is, I will do whatever I can to try to make sure that the country doesn’t go through what I think will be the misery of a second Trump term.”

“But I wouldn’t preclude anything at this point, David. I would just say that there are a number of hurdles to get over before I would actually consider running as a third party.”

So far there hasn’t been any announcement from No Labels on who their candidate for president will be.

Names such as former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R), Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) have been considered, but all three have declined to run for the third-party group.

Christie, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Haley have yet to endorse a candidate for president this year, leading to some speculation that they may either run as a third-party candidate or endorse someone besides Trump.

Pence even came out recently and said that there was no way he could endorse his former boss, Donald Trump.

Chris Christie supported Trump in 2016 but has since become a very harsh critic of the former president.

And it almost seems like the former governor, who claims to be a Republican by the way, is more focused on stopping Trump than Biden.

Sounds like a typical RINO to us.

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