These GOP candidates are in trouble after earth-shattering report surfaces

Donald Trump

Former President Trump is the candidate to beat in the Republican primary. And fellow Republicans are going to have a hard time catching him.

That’s because these GOP candidates are in trouble after an earth-shattering report surfaces.

Donald Trump isn’t shy in his criticism towards his political opponents.

That includes fellow Republican presidential candidates who generally share a lot of the same ideologies as him.

And Trump has used his critiques of GOP candidates to launch attack ads during the Republican primary process.

Make America Great Again Inc. (MAGA Inc.), a super PAC, has spent more than any other campaign in releasing negative-ads towards Trump’s competitors.

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has received the majority of the attack ads.

MAGA Inc. has told the New York Post that this strategy is working quite well considering how Trump has built an enormous lead in the Republican primary polls.

The super PAC has spent $23 million on ads targeting Ron DeSantis, while only spending $6 million on ads attacking President Joe Biden, according to research director for the California Target Book, Rob Pyers’ data.

The subject matter of these negative ads towards DeSantis involve his Social Security and Medicare record, along with name-calling, such as “pudding fingers.”

Since this past March, Donald Trump has gone up by almost 15% in the polls while DeSantis has gone done by more than 15%, according to RealClearPolitics.

This is the polling advantage for the former president that MAGA Inc. credits their ads for.

But Trump’s indictments that he’s received this year are also considered to have helped his polling numbers.

And while other Republican candidates’ super PACs have launched attack ads against Trump, none have been able to achieve polling momentum, the same way Trump has.

So instead, the other candidates go after each other instead of Donald Trump.

For example, Never Back Down, a DeSantis super PAC, spent a little more than $350,000 on ads targeting Trump, while spending $4.5 million on ads against former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, according to data from Pyers.

“While other groups have lit donor money on fire in their pointless competition for first loser, MAGA Inc. has effectively supported the re-election of President Trump who is leading in every poll by historic margins,” MAGA Inc. spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt told the New York Post.

“We will continue to be thoughtful stewards of the investments made into MAGA Inc. and accomplish our ultimate goal of winning back the White House next November.”

This is just yet another example of how Donald Trump is in prime position to win the Republican nomination for president.

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