This disgraced Republican just got the surprise of their life after this ruling was struck down

george santos

Everyone knows politics can have unexpected outcomes. But even this politician wasn’t ready for what just happened.

And this disgraced Republican just got the surprise of their life after this ruling was struck down.

U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has been in a world of trouble this year.

Santos received a multitude of indictments over allegedly committing credit card fraud and filing fraudulent reports for fundraising during the 2022 elections.

He’s currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee and has been since May of this year where he was almost expelled from Congress.

And now Santos has avoided being expelled again after members of the lower chamber of Congress voted against a motion to remove him.

The final vote was 179-213, with only 24 Republicans voting in favor of expelling the New York congressman. 30 Democrats also voted against the motion.

The reason the House rejected the motion, was because they felt the investigation still needed to be completed by the Ethics Committee.

Republicans have also been slow to expel Santos because they feel like it would set “a dangerous precedent for future proceedings,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The GOP has a razor-thin majority in the House and if Santos got the boot, that majority would be even smaller.

The Committee announced earlier this week that “its next course of action” would occur either on November 17 or before it.

They’ve also found that Santos is currently the subject of charges totaling 23 counts. He’s also facing two federal indictments, along with criminal and ethical indictments.

Regardless of some of the GOP’s stance on waiting to expel Rep. Santos, his fellow Republican legislators in New York are taking the opposite approach.

Reps. Anthony D’Esposito (R-NY), Mike Lawler (R-NY), Nick LaLota (R-NY), Brandon Williams (R-NY), and Marc Molinaro (R-NY), penned a “Dear Colleague” letter to the U.S. House to try and convince Republicans to support the expulsion resolution.

“Plain and simple – this is a question of right and wrong,” the letter said.

“The United States Congress must always uphold the highest standards and ensure accountability for those who have taken advantage of the American people – regardless of political party.”

George Santos may have escaped expulsion this time, but he’s still not off the chopping block.

With the Ethics Committee poised to take more action later this month, it’s very likely Santos could be ousted from Congress by the end of the year.

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