This interview caused AOC to land on her face in humiliating fashion

alexandria ocasio-cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the country’s least respected politicians. She shows everyone why that’s the case, anytime she speaks in public.

And this interview caused AOC to land on her face in humiliating fashion.

Thanks to President Joe Biden, the crisis at the nation’s southern border, is an utter catastrophe.

During Donald Trump’s presidency, issues at the border were a fraction of what they are now, but that didn’t stop U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) from visiting it.

While visiting the border in 2019, AOC used the trip as a photo op, posing for pictures of herself crying next to a migrant facility in Texas.

Many called her out on her embellishment of the situation, and are now wondering why she isn’t doing the same when the crisis is more severe under Biden.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, the congresswoman was asked why exactly she hasn’t visited the border since Joe Biden has been in office.

“Well, this is something that we’re actively planning on. What I have done is tours of our New York-area facilities,” Ocasio-Cortez answered.

“Right now, this crisis is in our own backyard, and we have toured the Roosevelt Hotel, and I think it’s been very important for us to – especially to my constituents, who are demanding accountability on this – to look at that front line that is right here in New York City.”

It’s clear that AOC only cares about a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border if a Republican is president.

Instead, she further proves her hypocrisy by not even making an attempt to go down there.

If it weren’t for President Biden’s disastrous policies that have led to an massive flood of illegal aliens entering the country, AOC’s home state of New York would not be caught up in such a mess to begin with.

“Republicans say the southern border under Biden has become a disaster area with 2.3 million illegal migrants crossing the border illegally this fiscal year alone,” Fox News reports.

“New York City has seen buses full of illegal migrants come to the city from border states like Texas, which has born a substantial brunt of the influx of migrants.”

It’s all well and good that AOC decided to go to New York to look at the migrant situation that’s plaguing the city.

But perhaps she should try and discover the root of the issue at the southern border.

Or maybe that’s only reserved for when her anti-conservative agenda suits it.

For now, however, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will continue to deflect her thoughts from a potential visit.

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