Two Republican politicians were just attacked in broad daylight

Speaker Tim Moore

The Left’s tactics are getting more violent. They’ll do anything to keep their grasp on power.

And now two Republican politicians were just attacked in broad daylight.

Radical Leftists have been using violence and intimidation to get their way for years.

One of the largest examples was the Black Lives Matter riots that swept the nation in 2020.

Over the course of a summer, dozens were killed and billions of dollars in damages were inflicted on America’s cities.

But what did Democrats do to stop it? Politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said they “have no choice but to riot” and the current Vice President Kamala Harris championed a bail fund for rioters.

Needless to say, they have no qualms with their radical mob inflicting physical pain and suffering on Americans.

This has naturally emboldened the Left to become evermore violent in their quest for control.

Now Republican politicians are being assaulted or even killed, and the media barely reports it.

In fact, security was transporting North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore and State Rep. David Willis, both Republicans, down an expressway Thursday night when their vehicle was repeatedly struck from behind.

“Security was driving the Speaker and Rep. Willis back to Raleigh after a visit to Wilson for a series of events today,” a spokesperson for Moore said in a statement. “On the drive back, the vehicle was rammed from behind several times.”

“General Assembly police and highway patrol responded and the circumstances are under investigation,” the statement continued. “Thankfully no one in the vehicle was hurt, including Rep. Willis and Speaker Moore.”

Moore is presently serving his 11th term in the state legislature, representing District 111. Willis is in his second term as the representative for District 68.

This isn’t the first Republican politician in recent memory to be targeted with violence.

Who could forget Rep. Steve Scalise who was shot in 2017 during a Congressional baseball practice?

And in New Jersey, a Republican councilman and councilwoman were shot and killed just one week apart just weeks ago.

Milford councilman Russell Heller was in his car in the parking lot of the office building where he worked when a former employee confronted him and shot him.

Sayreville councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour was shot to death outside her New Jersey home by an unidentified gunman, who has still not been apprehended.

But what else do you expect to happen when you cheapen life and demonize conservatives?

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