U.S. military families were shaken to their core after Joe Biden insults them in this repulsive way

biden sleeping

President Biden is an expert at offending this nation’s citizens. But this time he really crossed the line.

As U.S. military families were shaken to their core after Joe Biden insulted them in this repulsive way.

This past Monday marked the observance of Memorial Day.

Throughout the country, various ceremonies were held to memorialize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in protecting America’s freedoms.

President Joe Biden attended one of these ceremonies himself at Arlington Cemetery.

But during the ceremony, he made an all-time blunder that ended up disrespecting millions of U.S. military soldiers and their families.

As U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was making his remarks, Biden was sitting behind him and appeared to have dozed off.



Unfortunately, no one should be surprised at the president’s disrespectful action of falling asleep during an important and solemn ceremony.

While attending an event that paid tribute to the victims of the wildfires in Maui last summer, Biden looked to have taken a short snooze.


And in a 2023 meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Joe Biden seemed to almost be falling asleep while in the middle of making his remarks.


But Biden has also found other ways to disrespect U.S. service members besides falling asleep during important ceremonies.

In 2021, the president was at Dover Air Force Base to welcome the return of 13 American soldiers who had lost their lives to a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

That should be a moment where the commander-in-chief pays the utmost respect to those fallen members of the United States military.

But what does Biden do? He decides to check his watch as if the ceremony at the Air Force base is taking too much of his time.


Joe Biden’s disrespect for the United States, its citizens, and its military, is truly baffling.

Yet the Leftist media never seems to report on these instances of Biden sleeping at ceremonies like they would if former President Donald Trump had done the same thing.

It’s another example of the double standard that Democrats have enjoyed for decades now.

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