Undercover video exposes top Democrat Senator for this revolting act

John Fetterman

Politicians try to hide their skeletons in the closet. But it’s just a matter of time before it all comes out.

And this undercover video exposes a top Democrat Senator for this revolting act.

The political class in the United States is made up mostly of lawyers who know how to skirt responsibility.

Long gone are the days of proud, patriotic statesmen grounded in truth.

Now many politicians are more concerned with silently pushing their agenda than protecting the rights of everyday Americans.

And now one Senator just had the curtain pulled back for everyone to see.

On Tuesday, the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) published a video in which creator James O’Keefe and his citizen journalists exposed US Senator John Fetterman during an undercover operation.

According to a video shared by the media group, John Fetterman’s special assistant, Luke Borwegan, told the OMG journalist that the Democrat senator from Pennsylvania would be fine with “overturning the second amendment.”

In addition to depriving citizens of their Second Amendment rights, special assistant Borwegan revealed that his office hand-picks journalists in order to control the narrative and keep press stories about the congressman positive.

“So that’s why you pick the journalists that you pick, cause they’ll say whatever you want them to?” the OMG journalist asked Borwegan.

“Yeah, pretty much…so like they won’t say nothing in a bad light,” Borwegan responded, speaking on how Fetterman’s office has strict rules about controlling the narrative.

“Everybody wants a story about John Fetterman and we only give it to certain people,” he told the journalist, according to the footage.

Borwegan then laughed about how his office informs reporters that they don’t particularly like to tell reporters to “f*ck off” if they fear they would write an unpleasant article about the US congressman who has major mental health and cognitive challenges.

Sen. Fetterman, who recently returned to Congress after checking himself into the hospital for severe depression, has been at the height of headlines with people across the nation questioning if the Democrat senator is fit to serve the country.

Borwegan told the OMG writer about Fetterman’s recent illness, “We’ll paint the narrative the way we want.”

“So, it’s like, when John checks himself in for depression we will tell one reporter in particular because they will hit the facts that we want them to,” adding, “we pick reporters that will give us good treatment.”

Special assistant Borwegan stated that his office conducts “access journalism,” which permits only hand-picked journalists to interview Sen. Fetterman, despite the high demand from media.

Borwegan claimed in the video that Time Magazine journalists Kara Swisher and Joe Scarborough, a former Obama administration staffer and presenter of Pod Save America, act as puppets for the John Fetterman campaign.

OMG media group’s bombshell article on Sen. Fetterman was first revealed on their subscription website hours before being shared to the public.

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