What Joe Biden just said about the police is straight-up dumb

joe biden

Joe Biden will do or say anything that the Democrats want him to. But they’ve gone too far this time.

And what Joe Biden just said about the police is straight-up dumb.

At a speech at the Finishing Trades Institute in Pennsylvania, President Biden attacked “MAGA Republicans” and many on social media mocked him for it.

Biden contrasted his campaign platform with Republican priorities in a speech he gave at a union training facility in Philadelphia.

Biden told the crowd, “I just put out the bulk of my budget. “Republicans in Congress ought to follow suit. After that, we may discuss our differences in person.”

He attacked his opponents and attempted to criticize the Republican Party’s Trump-supporting base during the address. “MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police department,” he said.

Many Twitter critics criticized the president’s remarks as being either uneducated or dishonest.

Josh Barnett, a former House candidate, and author, claimed that “all he does is lie.”

Joe Biden should reside in a “rest home,” according to defense attorney David Wohl.

The idea that conservatives and Republicans want to defund law enforcement is 100% an unadulterated lie from the pits.

It’s almost like he’s completely forgetting what happened in 2020 when George Floyd died and riots ensued all across the nation.

It was the Democrats and radical Leftists who were calling for defunding of the police, full stop.

Meanwhile, cities were being brought to their knees by radical Leftists rioting and causing millions of dollars in damages to both small businesses and public facilities.

To argue that it’s the Republicans who want to defund the police is simply a lie, through and through.

He could be trying to play a sleight of hand by arguing that because Republicans and conservatives have called for the defunding of the FBI, that therefore Republicans want to defund police everywhere.

But even that doesn’t hold up under the weight of scrutiny.

The FBI has been caught colluding with the rest of the federal government to do the bidding of the Deep State and the Democrats on a number of issues.

Just consider how they’ve been caught targeting Christians in a memo that they were circulating until they were caught, or how they have been targeting pro-lifers for raids.

Criticizing the FBI and pointing out that they shouldn’t be allowed to abuse taxpayer dollars against American citizens is entirely different from saying that all law enforcement should be defunded.

And the latter is what the Democrats were saying just a couple years ago.

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