What Joe Biden said about illegal immigration will make your blood boil

Joe Biden

The Biden Border Crisis shows no signs of slowing down. The president and his administration are doing nothing to try and stop it.

And now Joe Biden just said this outrageous thing about illegal immigration that will make your blood boil.

Recently, President Joe Biden decided to offer Obamacare to illegal aliens who are considered Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Biden also wants to give those individuals amnesty, as well as those who are eligible for DACA.

If his plan comes to fruition, then millions of illegal immigrations would eventually become naturalized U.S. citizens. They would also be able to obtain green cards before then.

“The first bill I introduced was about DACA, to make sure that they have a … direct path to citizenship … we created [DACA] 12 years ago,” Biden announced.

He continued, saying:

It’s given 800,000 DREAMers a chance to go to work and school, contribute their immense talens in America. But more than a third of DREAMers couldn’t get health insurance. It’s wrong. And this rule changes all that. DREAMers can now get health insurance, as they deserve.

My first day in office, as I said, I sent a comprehensive immigration reform bill to Congress. It expands legal paths for entries for families and employers. It includes pathways to citizenship for DREAMers in the only country that they ever called home.

Then the president made an absurd statement about his thoughts on these illegal aliens who are coming into the country.

“I love it when people say, ‘Why DREAMers?’ Can you imagine a kid, two years old, saying, “Mom, don’t take me across the Rio Grande; it’s against the law’? Give me a break. These have been model citizens,” Biden said.

Model citizens? That characteristic probably shouldn’t apply to someone who’s crossing the border illegally.

But to Joe Biden and the Democrats, they’re used to not being harsh towards those who break the law.

Just look at their soft-on-crime policies that have ravaged the cities and states that they run.

Biden also asked Congress “to act” on passing amnesty for these illegal aliens.

He mentioned that “The right thing to do is to keep pushing forward until we get it done.”

Will the president ever do anything to help the actual citizens in the United States instead of pandering to non-citizens that are breaking the law?

Only time will tell, but Joe Biden’s track record isn’t very good on that front.

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