When he received these results on his desk, President Biden raised the white flag of surrender

Joe Biden

Millions of Americans were aware that a Biden presidency would be disastrous. Nobody, however, anticipated that it would be this bad.

But when he received word of these results, President Biden waved the white flag of surrender.

Most people scoffed at the notion that Biden could enter the Oval Office in his advanced age when he declared his presidential bid back in 2019.

Prior to the election in November 2020, concerns about his age predominated.

And those queries have persisted ever since, growing louder as he appears to have become a bigger gaffe factory than ever.

As he would be 82 at the beginning of the second term and 86 at the end, there are now concerns regarding his ability to serve in the White House for another term.

However, Biden affirms that he will not withdraw from the 2024 presidential race.

But his own Party might pressure him to withdraw from the campaign.

Only 35% of Democrats, according to an ABC News/Washington Post survey, want Biden to run for president in 2024.

Over 56% want the Democratic Party to choose a different candidate to run for president in its place.

Whatever way you look at it, that is a major issue for the Democrats.

First off, as we have previously stated on the DC Daily Journal, if the Democratic Party forces Biden out of the 2024 race too soon, he will become a lame-duck president with more than half of his tenure remaining.

That would be disastrous for the Democrats in the 2024 elections for both the House of Representatives and the Presidency.

Second, the Democrats don’t have a strong alternative against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is currently the favorite to win the GOP nomination.

Kamala Harris cannot under any circumstances be the Democratic Party’s choice for president in 2024. One of the least liked vice presidents in American history is Harris.

There are some Democrats that are supporting Gavin Newsom. But he is from California, the state with the most extreme “progressive”

He lives in the most deeply Blue state in the nation, making it impossible for the Democratic Party to utilize his residence as a tool to flip a state. His extreme and radical Left policies would alienate the vast majority of Americans.

Others have spoken in favor of Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation. Pete strikes me as a reasonable outsider for the Democratic Party, although he is not nearly as well known as DeSantis or Trump.

It’s difficult to envision him winning in 2024 when you consider all of that, the fact that he is also wed to the ideologies of the radical “progressive” Left, and the fact that he’d be the first gay President in American history.

If the Democrats are trying to remove Biden to increase their chances of winning in 2024, it might not be the best course of action at all.

However, the data do indicate that Democratic voters are opposed to Joe Biden serving a second term.

When the stakes are highest in November 2024, this can result in a poor participation at the polls.

In either case, it appears that the Democrats are caught in an impossible situation.

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