You’ll never guess what this Democrat accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of doing

greg abbott

The Texas governor is working hard to try and protect his state from the invasion of illegal immigrants. That has Democrats fuming.

And you’ll never guess what this Democrat accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of doing.

The Biden border crisis has reached new levels of insane.

Millions of illegal aliens have made their way through the United States’ southern border, simply because the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop them.

And if Republicans try to propose policies to secure the border, they’re deemed as either racist, or in this case, something much worse.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) had the nerve to basically call Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) a potential murderer for his border security policies.

Crockett made the ridiculous claim while appearing on MSNBC.

During the appearance, host Jonathan Capehart asked Crockett about the possibility of Congress making a deal to combine immigration reform in a package with Ukraine and Israel aid.

“How concerned are you that the deal might make too many concessions to win Republican support?” asked Capehart.

“I’m very concerned because the Republicans have never gotten immigration right,” Crockett responded.

“That’s just the fact of it. There’s not very much that the Republicans get right, in general. And, so, to basically say that issues of national security, as it relates to how we’re going to take care of our allies, should be tied to this mangled immigration process is absolutely insane.”

“When you look at somebody like Greg Abbott, my governor, and his solution, his solution is to basically say, ‘Hey, we’re going to kill people that are trying to come in.’ Like, that’s not a solution. The Republicans don’t have the solutions.”

It seems like every month, the United States breaks a record in how many migrants are encountered at the southern border.

December saw more than 12,000 encounters in just one day. Approximately 10,200 were put into custody by Customs and Border Protection.

But according to Rep. Crockett, Abbott and Republicans want to resort to murder for simply trying to crack down on illegal immigration.

“There are other people who are literally risking their lives because it’s just that bad where they are coming from,” Crockett continued on MSNBC.

She also added that, “the idea that we would turn them away in the land of opportunity, the land of the free, doesn’t sound like what we sell ourselves as and it doesn’t sound like who we are supposed to be. We are a country of immigrants, for those that have forgotten. That is who we are in this country.”

Practically everyone supports legal immigration into the U.S. But what Crockett fails to understand is how destructive illegal immigration is to this country.

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