Assassination attempt on U.S. congressman has Washington, D.C. on lockdown

Eric Swalwell

The world is becoming a dangerous place. Even politicians on Capitol Hill aren’t safe from violence.

And an assassination attempt on a U.S. congressman has Washington, D.C. on lockdown.

Terror struck the United States’ capitol last Wednesday, after a 72-year-old man from Florida was arrested for threatening to k*ll a congressman and his family, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The threats were made over phone calls that were left over voicemail, and occurred last month.

Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell (CA) explained in a post on X that he was the victim of the threats.

“No threat is going to stop me from representing my constituents. MAGA Republicans have chosen violence over voting and this is what it looks like. But I’m not going away and neither should you,” Swalwell said in his post.

The man who made the threatening calls was identified by the DOJ as Michael Shapiro from Greenacres, Florida.

“According to the complaint, on Dec. 19, 2023, Michael Shapiro left five voicemail messages for a U.S. Congressman at the Congressperson’s congressional office in Washington, D.C.”

Shapiro’s calls were obtained by Fox News Digital through a criminal complaint. The calls mostly focus on Swalwell’s alleged affair with a Chinese woman who is referred to as Fang Fang. She is accused of being a Chinese spy as well.

“Hey mother-[expletive], you [expletive] a Chinese spy. You mother-[expletive]. I’m gonna come after you and k*ll you [expletive],” the call said according to the complaint.

“I’m gonna come and k*ll your children mother-[expletive]. I’m gonna k*ll your children,” another call said.

In addition to Shapiro’s calls being investigated by the DOJ, U.S. Capitol Police are going through them as well.

This also hasn’t been his first run in with the law. In 2019, Shapiro pled guilty to federal charges involving “threatening communications.”

Swalwell has also had a run-in with dangerous threats like this before.

We won’t share the video because it is too graphic, but last August, the U.S. rep. released a video on X of someone making a death threat to him and his family.

In the post, he blamed “Trump, McCarthy, and MAGA Republicans” for “stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement.” This accusatory post from Swalwell is similar to the one above regarding the recent threats on his family.

Of course Trump and fellow Republicans didn’t ask any of their supporters to make violent threats to Leftist like Swalwell.

Democrats seem to always live in hyperbole where they claim that the GOP is responsible for all the violence in the world. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is evil everywhere and it’s a very unfortunate circumstance when someone like Swalwell has their life threatened.

But to say that Republicans’ rhetoric stokes the flames of violence, is untrue and a ridiculous statement.

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