Barack Obama gets utterly embarrassed on LIVE television

barack obama

Former President Obama is trying to cling to relevance. But he’s been exposed as a fraud.

Because Obama has been utterly embarrassed on LIVE television for all to see.

At the end of the day, the viewing numbers for cable news stations don’t lie.

If viewers enjoy what a cable news station is putting out, their numbers will grow and it’ll be reflected in the ratings.

We’ve seen the negative effect taking place for CNN over the past few years as viewers have been dropping like flies as the network’s woes continue.

In fact, CNN’s viewership with 25-54-year-olds has reached nearly 20-year lows. And their overall viewership is down from 10 years ago.

Again, the numbers don’t lie. Unfortunately for Obama, that goes for his new docuseries “Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union” which just got straight up embarrassed in the ratings release.

According to numbers released by TVNews Now, three individual Fox News hosts left CNN’s broadcast of Obama’s docuseries in the dust.

In the 8 P.M. slot, Kilmeade demolished Obama with 1.119 million viewers compared to Obama’s 529,000 viewers.

In the 9 P.M. hour, Bongino extended the lead even further with a whopping 1.199 million viewers compared to Obama’s measly 609,000.

Then Fox News continued to beat out CNN in the 10 PM and 11 PM slots as well.

That, in particular, is noteworthy because the west coast – which is way more politically friendly in overall population size to Barack Obama and CNN – was in its prime time viewing period between 7-8 PM local time.

But Fox News still beat out CNN all the way into the 11th hour.

Simply put, no one was interested in seeing Obama’s propaganda-filled docuseries that come across as somewhat conceited and narcissistic.

Obama might need to come to grips with the fact that the American public may not be all that interested in him anymore.

But this also spells doom for CNN moving forward.

Barack Obama is supposed to be a “celebrity” name that can attract attention for CNN, but even the “interest” in Barack Obama wasn’t able to close the widening gap between Fox News and CNN in terms of viewership.

All told, this was an outright failure for both CNN and Barack Obama.

Fox News, on the other hand, is tightening its grip of dominance in the cable news space and is showing no signs of slowing down.

It certainly helps that their personalities are a lot more enjoyable than CNN’s. Who seriously would prefer to watch Don Lemon over Greg Gutfeld?

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