Gavin Newsom is trying to keep his head above water after facing latest revolt from Californians

gavin newsom

Newsom is one of the worst governors in the country. His radical policies have sent California into decline.

And Gavin Newsom is trying to keep his head above water after facing the latest revolt from Californians.

California is in bad shape right now.

From rampant shoplifting and crime to many large cities being overrun with homelessness, it’s a wonder as to why people still want to live there.

But California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) couldn’t be more oblivious to the crises his state faces.

Last Wednesday, he explained how he was surprised that a Target employee blamed him for the large amount of shoplifting that had taken place in the Golden State recently.

Newsom, who was on a Zoom call discussing mental health importance with other leaders, told a story about how he witnessed a shoplifter walk out of Target without any employees trying to stop the individual.

When Newsom asked one of the employees why they didn’t stop them, they immediately blamed the governor before finally recognizing that’s who they were talking to.

The employee then asked if they could take a picture with Newsom and he refused and wanted to speak to their manager instead.

“I was like, why am I spending $380 and everyone can walk the h*ll right out?” Newsom said on the Zoom call when recounting the story.

Newsom also added that it’s “not true,” that shoplifting is easier due to the policies he’s backed.

But it is true, as Proposition 47, which was backed by Newsom, made the penalty of theft of anything up to $950 only a misdemeanor. It was previously a felony.

The Leftist governor has also supported various Democrat prosecutors, such as George Gascón, whom George Soros backs.

Prosecutors like Gascón have not done their job to prosecute minor offenders in the state, which encourages criminals to commit more crimes because they know they’ll get off easily.

Stores in San Francisco are closing up shop because of all the crime and shoplifting in the area.

But Newsom still claims that crime in California is at “50-year lows.”

Maybe it’s time for him to face the writing on the wall.

His state is in utter decay because of his radical Leftist policies.

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