Joe Biden is dead to rights once and for all

Joe Biden

President Biden has been caught in a bunch of scandals lately. Now he’s cornered.

And Joe Biden is dead to rights with nowhere to go.

The Democrats are freaking out about how toxic Joe Biden’s Presidency has become.

He came into the White House with some general goodwill in the eyes of the American people, but he quickly destroyed that with his utter failure in handling the Afghanistan pullout.

And then his economic policies led to unprecedented inflation and gas prices.

There’s even a housing crisis, largely attributable to Joe Biden’s Fed hiking rates like there’s no tomorrow.

Add on top of all of this, the scandals he’s now involved in with the classified documents found in his possession as well as the billions of taxpayer dollars going to Ukraine.

Some conservative Republicans in Congress have raised concerns about the amount of money we are sending Ukraine’s way and have even tried to pass legislation to require the federal government to be able to account for every taxpayer dollar that gets sent to Ukraine.

But Democrats even voted those measures down and the Biden admin continues to fork over American dollars to Ukraine.

But House Republicans have not given up on holding the Biden admin accountable and tracking down what exactly they are doing with taxpayer money in Ukraine.

The House Oversight Committee, led by James Comer (R-KY), have sent a letter to Joe Biden demanding a complete record of where the Ukraine money is going, exactly.

They are also requesting information on what the Biden administration is doing to prevent the taxpayer dollars from being wasted and put to wrongful use.

The letter was directly addressed to the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as well as several others within the Biden administration.

“As the United States continues to filter assistance through multilateral organizations with pressure to spend funds quickly, we must ensure proper protections are in place to prevent the misuse of funds,” the letter from the House Oversight Committee reads.

The Oversight Committee has also asked the Biden administration to hand over concrete documentation on what money has been allocated for Ukraine but has yet to be used as well as any conditions they might have with assisting the Ukrainian government.

The letter gives a March 8 deadline for the Biden administration to respond to the questions of the House Republicans sending the letter.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be a controversial matter at all. But sadly, Democrats don’t want to be held accountable for their actions whatsoever.

It should be noted that Ukraine has had issues with government corruption in the past couple of decades and so it stands to reason that Americans should be expecting some form of proof that their taxpayer dollars aren’t being misused.

The blank check the Democrats want to write to Ukraine is already bad enough, and intentionally avoiding accountability just makes it worse.

Either the Democrats are being extremely careless and unwise by not having the money tracked, or they are up to something more scandalous with the money.

There’s no other, good reason they wouldn’t want the money to be trackable for the American public.

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