President Biden’s paranoia has reached new heights in these bombshell revelations that just leaked

Some have pointed out that Joe Biden’s head doesn’t seem screwed on right, especially as of late. Now we know why.

That’s because President Biden’s paranoia has reached new heights in these bombshell revelations that just leaked.

President Joe Biden reportedly has misgivings about a few of the Secret Service members on his detail, according to a recent book about the government.

In “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House” Chris Whipple asserts that Biden’s mistrust of some agents is a result of their supposed backing of the late President Donald Trump.

According to a copy of the book obtained by The Hill, Whipple claimed that Biden’s unease with his Secret Service detail—some of whom were MAGA supporters—was a bigger issue. He had no faith in them.

It is stated that Biden is leery of a Secret Service made up of “white ex-cops from the South who tend to be deeply conservative.” since the unit assigned to him as president is much larger than the one assigned to him as vice president.

After Trump appointed Secret Service agent Tony Ornato deputy White House chief of staff for operations, the Secret Service’s response to the Capitol building breach on January 6, 2021, further confirmed Biden’s worries.

“Surrounded by a new phalanx of strangers, Biden couldn’t help but wonder, Do these people really want me here?” Whipple composed.

Biden said that the Secret Service “Secret Service had looked both incompetent and politicized” once it was revealed that they had deleted the majority of messages from January 6.

The president reportedly expressed skepticism on the specifics of the event in March 2021 in which Major, his German Shepherd rescue dog, is believed to have bit a Secret Service agent.

According to Whipple, Biden “wasn’t buying the details,” including the incident’s location, informing a buddy that Secret Service personnel never go to the second floor of the White House, where the incident is said to have occurred.

According to Whipple, he did not deny that the bite had actually occurred.

According to Whipple, “Somebody was lying, Biden thought, about the way the incident had gone down,”

Major, who is thought to have been the first shelter pet to reside at the White House, had private training as a result of the biting incident.

The dog was defended at the time by Biden, who described him as a “sweet” animal merely getting used to living in the White House with Secret Service personnel.

On January 17, the book “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House” will be made available.

These are stunning revelations from the inside look at Joe Biden’s administration that we have never seen before.

Americans have suspected that something might be wrong with Joe Biden considering the way he’s been addressing the public lately.

Just consider how Joe Biden has gone on rant after rant about “MAGA Republicans” and how they are a threat to Democracy.

It seems the sad truth is that Joe Biden is legitimately paranoid about conservative Republicans who are close in his circles in the White House.

And that’s just a recipe for disaster if he feels he can’t trust his Secret Service agents that are there to protect him.