RINO loses their mind after spitting in the face of Donald Trump

mitt romney

Establishment Republicans are the thorns in the side of the GOP. They basically help Democrats achieve their rotten agenda.

And this RINO loses their mind after spitting in the face of Donald Trump.

It’s looking more and more likely that former President Donald Trump will be the 2024 Republican nominee.

He’s currently putting a beatdown on fellow GOP candidate Nikki Haley in the Republican primary.

Trump is also raking in endorsements from top Republicans in Congress.

But one endorsement that he will likely never get, is Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT).

When asked by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins if he’d vote for Trump in the general election, Romney responded, “No, no, no, absolutely not.”

The Utah senator explained that he and Trump agree on various domestic policy issues, but disagree heavily on foreign policy.

“I mean, for me, there are two factors deciding who I want to have as the leader of my country and the person who is the example of the president for my kids, my grandkids,” Romney continued.

“One is their position and policies. And on foreign policy, I’m not aligned with Donald Trump, at least as I understand his policy. And domestic policy? Yeah, I align with many of his domestic policies.”

Romney also went on to explain to Collins that the president’s character is something that is very important to him when it comes time to choose a candidate to vote for.

“And I think what America is as a nation, what has allowed us to be the most powerful nation on earth and the leader of the earth is the character of the people who have been our leaders – past presidents, but also mothers, fathers, church leaders, university presidents, and so forth,” he said.

“Having a president who is so defaulted of character would have an enormous impact on the character of America. And for me, that’s the primary consideration.”

Sen. Romney doesn’t view Trump as having excellent enough character to vote for.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the senator’s disdain for the former president.

In 2020, he voted to convict Trump in both of his impeachment trials.

That marked the first time a senator voted to convict a president who’s a member of their own party in an impeachment trial.

You can watch Romney’s full appearance on CNN below:

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