Top Biden official exposed for groveling to the Chinese Communist Party

Janet Yellen

The Chinese Communist Party is expanding its power every single day. Now the Biden administration is literally bowing to them.

And this top Biden official was exposed for groveling to the Chinese Communist Party.

Janet Yellen was chastised for repeatedly bowing to Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng during her maiden trip to China as Treasury Secretary on Saturday. Critics claimed it demonstrated American weakness, which the Chinese government admired.

Bradley Blakeman, a former senior staffer in George W. Bush’s White House told the New York Post, “Never, ever, ever – An American official does not bow. It looks like she’s been summoned to the principal’s office, and that’s exactly the optics the Chinese love.”

“The way to treat an adversary is, you don’t go hat in hand,” he continued.

“But with this administration, time and time again, we embarrass ourselves and show weakness. And it just shows the lack of effective leverage we have.”

“She did not realize bowing as an American official was a breach of protocol,” commented author Max Murray. “They don’t reciprocate. He even backs away to give her more space to kowtow.”

“Bowing is not part of the accepted protocol,” said NYU professor and expert in Chinese law and government Jerome A. Cohen.

According to the Daily Mail, Yellen was the second US official to visit China in the last five years, as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to increase communication and reduce tensions between the two countries.

She told reporters at the US embassy on Sunday, “We believe that the world is big enough for both of our countries to thrive.”

She went on to say that “both nations have an obligation to responsibly manage this relationship: to find a way to live together and share in global prosperity.”

Despite “significant disagreements” between the two countries, she said the conversations were “direct, substantive, and productive.”

She added that they “served as a step forward in our effort to put the US-China relationship on surer footing.”

“I feel confident that we will have more frequent and regular communication,” she concluded.

She opened the meeting with the vice premier saying, “I strongly believe that the relationship between our two countries is rooted in the solid ties between the American and Chinese people … It is important that we keep nurturing and deepening these ties.”

Yellen emphasized a healthy economic competition between the two countries “that is not winner-take-all.”

She continued, “Where we have concerns about specific economic practices, we should and will communicate them directly.”

Last month, Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the country to facilitate dialogue between the two countries. Following his visit, President Biden angrily referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “dictator.”

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who is also President Biden’s special envoy for climate change, is scheduled to visit the communist country later this year.

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