Joe Biden makes a historically dumb announcement that will leave your jaw on the floor

Joe Biden

The White House is being run by a bunch of morons. It’s almost unbelievable what they come up with.

And now Joe Biden’s made a historically dumb announcement that will leave your jaw on the floor.

There’s been some pretty imbecilic moves from Presidential administrations throughout American history. No one’s perfect, of course, so it’s going to happen. Especially when you have someone in office who has no idea what they are doing.

George W. Bush’s mishandling of the Iraq war comes to mind. It’s well documented that he made many military decisions in that war with obviously dubious military intel that everyone knew couldn’t be trusted. Except him, apparently.

Jimmy Carter saying that he was attacked by a “killer rabbit” back in 1979 is a classic that can’t be forgotten either. I mean how that guy ever got in office is astonishing, to be honest.

Ronald Reagan, as beloved as he is, wasn’t perfect either. He once tried to get the Department of Agriculture to start counting ketchup as a vegetable to meet nutritional standards for school lunches. Yeah, not a brilliant look at all.

Of course, some of these can be forgiven. Everyone has their days. But this latest policy decision from Joe Biden isn’t one that can just be forgiven. It’s so moronic, it’s impossible to wrap your head around.

According to new reports, Joe Biden and his State Department are planning on trying to start an army of LGBTQI+ activists to help promote so-called “LGBT” acceptance in… the country of India. Yeah, that’s right, the country of India. Oh, and paid for by the American taxpayer of course.

The State Department under President Joe Biden aims to empower LGBTQI+ community leaders, particularly prioritizing the training of trans and inters*x individuals. Through specialized legal education and support, the department intends to equip these leaders to advocate for their rights and access necessary services. This initiative, outlined in a grant announcement on April 8, falls under the Public Diplomacy Programs, aimed at furthering U.S. foreign policy goals and enhancing national interests.

Highlighting the belief that advancements in health, education, economic strength, justice, and equality for transgender individuals in India will benefit the United States, the grant opportunity focuses on improving the circumstances of transgender and inters*x communities. These groups face heightened discrimination and social stigma, along with unique challenges in accessing essential services and legal recourse against discrimination.

The program, named “Empowering LGBTQI+ Community Leadership Across India,” adopts a “train the trainer” approach, intending to train 200 individuals directly, who will then disseminate knowledge to approximately 2,000 activists within a year, fostering a ripple effect of change across India.

Targeting major Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi, the program is set to commence on August 20, with the State Department offering a grant ranging from $120,000 to $150,000 to a third party to administer the program.

This initiative aligns with the State Department’s broader efforts under the Biden administration to support LGBTQI+ initiatives globally as part of promoting American interests. Previous endeavors include funding for “queer” Muslim writers in India, supporting theatrical productions to educate Africans on LBGT rights, backing a ballroom dancing program for Peruvian transgender youth, and sponsoring the education of LGBTQI+ “allies” at a university.

If it feels like you’re living in the Twilight Zone, don’t worry, you’re not alone at all. This is like something out of a neo-Orwellian novel, except we’re actually living in this novel.

The transgenderism debate in America is no settled matter. In fact, the vast majority of Americans, according to surveys, believe that one’s gender is defined by the biology that one has had since birth.

The idea that we would be exporting this to other nations is just bizarre. It would be more laughable if it wasn’t real, but it is. This is the America we live in. Rather than being a leading export of steel, precious metals, energy, or cars, apparently, the radical Left wants America to be a leading export of transgenderism.

Of course, this all has to be paid for by American taxpayers, too. It’s just a few hundred thousand dollars here and there, who’s going to miss it? Surely the American taxpayer can spare a little bit more to help India be more LGBT friendly, right?

Yeah, this sounds utterly insane and it is. It’s probably one of the most moronic moves ever made by a sitting U.S. President, and as we know, there’s been quite a few of those over the years.

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